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WWE history: Undertaker hilariously breaks character at a live event


The Undertaker breaking character
The Undertaker breaking character

The backstory

The Undertaker is a character that came in when goofy and ridiculous gimmicks were the norm in WWE. Somehow, his gimmick of a deadman took off as no one had ever imagined. Around three decades later, The Undertaker is widely regarded as being one of the greatest Superstars in the history of this business.

Throughout his career, Taker has made it a point to keep kayfabe alive and not ruin the aura of his in-ring character. But there have been a bunch of occasions when Mark Calaway decided to have some fun and went all crazy in the ring.

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Taker's hilarious antics

The following clip is from a WWE live event that took place in Vienna, Austria. The match seems to be from around a decade ago when Randy Orton was running roughshod on the Raw roster along with Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes. This 3-on-2 Handicap match sees The Legacy take on Triple H and The Undertaker.

The clip shows the final moments of the match, with The Undertaker desperately wanting Triple H to give him a hot tag so that he can unleash his wrath upon the villainous trio. Undertaker can be seen running from one corner of the ring to the other, splashing water on his face, thumping his legs on the mat, and going completely bananas in the process.

This is an incredibly rare occasion, as The Undertaker usually makes sure not to break kayfabe and do something that won't be in line with his character's mannerisms.

The aftermath

The Undertaker is still wrestling all these years later, though he certainly doesn't have the same agility he possessed when this video was shot. Age seems to have caught up with The Deadman, who rarely wrestles, except the occasional Saudi Arabia show.

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