WWE History: When Vince McMahon and Kofi Kingston got into a real fight

The duo actually slugged it out once, 9 years ago
The duo actually slugged it out once, 9 years ago

As WrestleMania 35 is looming closer, Vince McMahon is doing everything in his power to make sure that Kofi Kingston doesn't get a WWE title shot at MetLife Stadium.

The storyline surrounds an underdog Kofi being screwed over by his evil boss, Mr. McMahon. Amidst all this hullaballoo, let's take a walk down memory lane and go back to the moment when these two actually got into a real fight on Mr.McMahon's private jet! This is a real story told by Chris Jericho in his book, "The Best In The World: At What I Have No Idea".

The story

This happened just days before WrestleMania 26, when Vince boarded his private jet with a bunch of WWE Superstars to travel to a press conference.

When the plane landed and Kofi got up to leave, Vince passed a comment that went something like this, "Maybe you'll get over one of these days".

Kofi didn't say anything at all, and proceeded to leave the plane. Jericho, who was drunk to the limit, stopped Kofi in his tracks and asked him to go back and stand up to Vince. Jericho added that Vince loves when someone stands up to him, instead of being a coward and doing nothing in retaliation.

Kofi went back up the steps, confronted McMahon and asked him, "Do you have a problem with me?".

A surprised Vince shot back at Kofi, "Maybe I do. What are you going to do about it?".

The reply took Kofi by surprise, but he held his own, asking Vince, "Do you want me to do something about it?".

Vince prepared to say something, and double-legged Kofi in the middle of his sentence! The duo got into a scuffle on the floor of the jet plane and rolled around for a while before Vince got up and began laughing hysterically.

"That's the way to do it!' Vince laughed again and got off the plane. Jericho mentioned in his book that he doesn't know whether Kofi earned Vince's respect that night, but he sure earned Jericho's.

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