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Huge star booked for Smackdown tapings

Smackdown is set to be dominated by the Beast after 12 long years.

News 21 Jan 2016, 21:53 IST
A big boost for Smackdown

– Brock Lesnar is a phenomenal specimen of a man.

Lesnar captivates millions of fans and has been on a bestial run since returning back to the WWE a few years back. Lesnar, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been appearing sporadically on RAW.

It is observed that an appearance by Brock Lesnar instantly increases TV ratings for the WWE and Smackdown is in dire need of that. Smackdown shifted to the USA Network at the start of this year, which promises exciting match ups and a real relevance to the show that has been sinking since the last few years.

It might not be the Smackdown of the old with the likes of the Undertaker and Edge strutting their stuff out, but Smackdown has put on some good shows since shifting networks.

The big news is that Brock Lesnar is scheduled to appear on Smackdown after 12 years. The Beast is booked for the Smackdown tapings for 22/03 show and the tapings for the 15/02 show. 

This would act as a huge boost for Smackdown as the Beast is sure to raise the ratings of the program. It needs to be seen whether the WWE keep their audience interested in Smackdown in the future.

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