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WWE/Impact News: Austin Aries speaks on if he was difficult to work with in WWE

Was he that bad?
David Cullen
Modified 14 Feb 2018

What’s the story?

Impact Global Champion Austin Aries was recently on a media conference call with Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri. Aries spoke on the recurring reports on if he was difficult to work with during his run with WWE.

In case you didn’t know…

Austin Aries finally joined WWE in January 2016, to a very receptive audience. The former Ring of Honor and TNA World Champion had tried to join WWE several times before, including auditioning for Tough Enough in 2011, but had never made it until then. Many fans had often hoped to see Aries in WWE.

Austin wrestled for WWE from January 2016 until July 2017, when WWE released him from his contract. Many different rumors sprouted up as too why he was shockingly released, one of which that he apparently had a bad attitude and was difficult to work with. Many believed for several months that Austin had quit the company until he revealed on an episode of Talk is Jericho that he was in fact released, and was told the reason for it was creative had nothing for him.

The heart of the matter

During his media conference call, Austin Aries was asked about reports of him being someone who was difficult to work with while he was in WWE, and Austin commented saying:

"I'll bet you some of the WWE writers probably didn't like working with me very much because understand that in that environment, when I'm given something that the writers hand me, if I have any things that I think should be adjusted or things that I wouldn't personally say, as someone who's been doing this for 17 years and as a writer it's not easy for us to just go and change those things, but then to have to march back into the office and have those things changed for them. So the process is a little tedious, and to me, it really takes a lot of the artistic and creative freedoms away from the wrestlers. if there are any writers that had any issues with me while I was in WWE, they certainly never expressed that to me. That's something that was never brought to my attention, so I can't speak on anonymous reports."

What’s next?

Austin has been very busy since parting ways with WWE, you could even rival his success to that of Cody(Rhodes).


Austin currently holds the Impact Global Championship, the IPW: UK World Championship, WSW Heavyweight Championship and the Defiant Championship.

That's a lot of gold

Author’s Take

I do believe it is quite possible that Austin Aries may have been released by WWE due to a potential bad attitude because there is no way creative didn't have anything for him. Austin was a great wrestler, was the second biggest star on 205 Live next to Neville, if he wasn't going to remain there, then he still had plenty to accomplish in NXT, if not their, then he would have made a fine addition to RAW or Smackdown, and if not that, had proved to be a great announcer.

Published 14 Feb 2018, 00:17 IST
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