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WWE/Indy News: Indie wrestler reveals how Papa Shango plans his voodoo spots

Johny Payne
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Papa Shango seems to operate on instinct rather than elaborate planning
Papa Shango seems to operate on instinct rather than elaborate planning

What’s the story?

Speaking to Still Real: After Party, Magnum CK revealed an example of how former WWE star Papa Shango plans his voodoo spots.

Magnum CK asserted that Papa Shango didn’t engage in any elaborate planning for their recent AIW segment, but rather simply notified them about a cue upon which they’d have to act fazed by the voodoo curse.

In case you didn’t know…

WWE Hall of Famer Charles Wright is well-known for having portrayed several notable characters over the course of his professional wrestling career including Kama, Kama Mustafa, Sir Charles, The Godfather and Papa Shango.

The Papa Shango character is widely regarded as one of the most notable ones portrayed by Wright—with a key feature of the gimmick being that he’d caste a voodoo spell on his opponents, which would cause them to be incapacitated.

The heart of the matter

As noted, Papa Shango recently appeared at an AIW event, and cast a spell on The Production (a stable comprising 4 performers), causing them to vomit black ooze.

Magnum CK, who was one of Papa Shango’s victims that night, recently revealed how the latter planned the voodoo curse spot which transpired at AIW. Below are a few excerpts from CK’s statements regarding the same.

“So I go in there and I’m kind of talking to him and I introduce myself you know in the mirror and he’s putting on his makeup and I was like, ‘well we have a couple ideas but we wanted to see what you normally do.’ And he said, ‘I’ll come out and I’ll start shaking like this’ and he starts acting it all out ‘and I’ll put my hands in the air and yell and then you know you guys just get voodoo’ed or whatever. Just do your thing.'”

What’s next?

Papa Shango aka Charles Wright performs sporadically in the sport of professional wrestling, mainly in independent promotions.

Meanwhile, Magnum CK also continues to compete on the independent circuit.

Author’s take

Truth be told, a veteran like Charles Wright would certainly carry out most of his performances on instinct, rather than with extensive planning and choreography.

Spontaneity and innovation are what made Wright’s generation of professional wrestlers so great - something the current generation of stars could most definitely take notes from. 

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