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Is the Undertaker vs Braun Strowman feud a good idea?

3.63K   //    09 Feb 2016, 17:18 IST
Is this feud best for business?

With Wrestlemania fast approaching, there is immense speculation as to who the Undertaker’s opponent is going to be. Rumours suggest that Vince McMahon is desperate for this match to take place at Wrestlemania, however, is this match that of a good idea? 

If WWE decided to go ahead with this feud, they wouldn’t need to worry about finding a reasoning for this collision. The Undertaker has had some history with the Wyatt family as he faced Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31.

“The new face of fear” was no match for the Phenom as it was the Undertaker who won the match at WrestleMania. Even though Strowman didn’t debut until August of last year, he has come face to face with the Undertaker once before.

At Survivor Series last year, the Brothers of Destruction reunited to clash with all four members of the Wyatt family and despite the numbers being on Wyatt’s side, they did not manage to gain a win over the Brothers of Destruction.

Could Braun Strowman be seeking revenge? Is he going to attempt to redeem his family’s reputation?  Will the Wyatt family once again be a force to reckoned with?

Secondly, arguably as of late, the Wyatt’s have been losing the impact they first had when they walked into WWE back in November 2012. With the Wyatt’s gimmick based on a backwoods cult, it appeared to be something different and much more darker than the staple gimmicks we are accustomed to seeing.

The Wyatt’s had potential to become a dark force clouding over WWE, dominating in every direction, however recently, the Wyatt’s have been less fearful and are used more as a filler on Monday Night Raw.

With rumours highly speculating Bray Wyatt facing the Beast Incarnate at Wrestlemania 32, the Wyatt family could be set for a dominating comeback. And if the company were to use the “new face of fear” and the “new face of destruction” on the same night, they could be hinting a return of the strong dominating force they once were.

Will the Wyatt family conquer both the beast and the Phenom on the same night?

Since Braun Strowman debuted last August, he has been booked as Bray Wyatt’s right-hand man often protecting Bray against his opponents, with the ability to get the strongest of opponents to submit using a standing triangle choke.

The list of Superstars who’ve met the same fate that include Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho to name a few. With this monster of a man joining the Wyatt’s, he’s been seen as an indestructible force.

If WWE decided to go ahead with the feud, then in order for Braun Strowman to look strong and dominating, the match would have to be on a one on one basis with no outside interference from any of his fellow Buzzards. As stated earlier, it could really reinstate the Wyatt family to be a strong fraction, If Strowman was able to defeat the Undertaker. 

Lastly, the Undertaker/Strowman feud would be Strowman’s debut solo feud. Since joining the Wyatt family, he’s been feuding with Superstars such as the Dudley’s, Dean Ambrose, Rhyno, Kane and the Undertaker.

No one has been able to knock the Balchseep down, but could the Deadman be the first to target Braun Strowman? Will the Undertaker push Braun Strowman to new limits that we’ve never seen before? All of this remains to be unseen. 

On the other hand, a Braun Strowman vs Undertaker feud might not be best for business. 

The Undertaker’s physical health has always been a concern for WWE officials. Whether or not the Undertaker is physically fit enough to compete in a match as physical as this is left to be answered.

On a positive note, the Undertaker appeared to be in great shape, as the Undertaker’s presence was greatly felt last year while feuding with the Wyatt’s and Brock Lesnar. It has been several months since we last saw the Undertaker, so until we witness his return, we can only speculate as to how Undertaker is holding up physically.

Going up against the Undertaker is somewhat prestigious and a feud against the Undertaker can aid in creating a legacy. It can also make a Superstar look weak, especially if they've been shown to be a monster and a force to be reckoned with.

Somebody with a gimmick such as Braun Strowman could look weak against the Undertaker just by the power and credibility of the Undertaker alone. He’s a fan favourite, whether he is a heel or a face and has gained a legacy where everyone is enticed to find out who the Undertaker’s next opponent could be.

If Braun Strowman was made to look weak during the match, it could also potentially look bad for the Wyatt family, which could do more harm than good.  If Braun Strowman appears to be weak, then he is unlikely to win since the Undertaker’s streak was broken at Wrestlemania 30 back in 2014.

Since WWE are unlikely to let the Undertaker lose at Wrestlemania again, they could be setting up Braun Strowman to lose that would damage his reputation as a dominant superstar.

Furthermore, we could be looking at a particularly short match between Strowman and the Undertaker. Strowman has only had a handful of matches and hasn’t shown signs of having great in-ring psychology and skills. However some sources claim that Strowman is holding back when it comes to showing his true capabilities, which are apparently being reserved for a bigger stage.

Could this mean Wrestlemania? If so, is the Undertaker the right opponent for Braun Strowman to show off his skill set?  

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