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WWE legend likely to return this year?

WWE just can't ignore the legend, who may be back in the company's fold this year.

News 06 Feb 2016, 16:20 IST
Could Hogan be back in time for WrestleMania 32?

– Hulk Hogan arguably is the biggest star that the WWE has produced. Hogan has been synonymous with the WWE and is one of the reasons why pro wrestling is a household entity these days.

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Hogan was fired from the WWE last year on account of the things that he had said a few years back. He was seen in a tape using racial slurs while also going through a major lawsuit.

The WWE wanted to distance themselves from the controversy and decided to not only fire Hogan but also erase his name from the Hall of Fame and other WWE-related merchandise.

If the rumour is true, Hulkster might be coming back to the WWE in the summer. Hogan recently denied on twitter that he is in contact with the WWE but there has been some communication between the two.

Hogan revealed that he has not been in direct contact, but has had his representatives meet the WWE officials. The thing that is keeping him away from the WWE is the Gawker Lawsuit and it is said that WWE would welcome Hogan back once the lawsuit ends.

The Hulkster is confident of winning the lawsuit – refusing to settle it in court, and would have had the chance of returning at Wrestlemania 32 if he had accepted to settle it off amicably.

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