WWE legend on Vince McMahon canceling his online blogs

WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon
WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon

Jim Ross recently recalled when Vince McMahon instructed him to stop writing columns for WWE's website.

The article series, known as The Ross Report, was nixed in January 2003. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reported that the blogs caused bad morale among talent if their names were not mentioned.

Ross, a WWE talent relations executive at the time, confirmed on his Grilling JR podcast that Vince McMahon brought the column to an end:

"I think it was the right call. I think my position continued to grow as an executive, and it's ironic how Meltzer put that thing, but there's a lot of truth in it. If talents weren't mentioned, then they felt like that was a slight to them even though they might not have been at the top of the topical list on that day." [45:05 – 45:26]

Jim Ross was responsible for assembling the WWE roster and negotiating talent contracts. As a result, superstars wanted to hear good things about themselves on his blogs.

Why Jim Ross had no problem with Vince McMahon's request

The current AEW announcer was one of the most influential people behind the scenes in WWE in 2003. He also performed on-screen as a commentator.

Given his number of responsibilities, Ross did not mind when Vince McMahon took one more task away from him:

"I certainly didn't want to interfere with their [superstars'] attitude or anything along those lines. I think it was time. It had ran its course, and it gave me some time back to do my day job, as they like to say." [45:27 – 45:44]

Ross is widely viewed as one of the greatest commentators in wrestling history. The 71-year-old was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

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