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5 Superstars who Brock Lesnar should face when he returns to the WWE

Masoom Alli
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 17:38 IST

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Last month at WWE Summerslam, we finally saw Brock Lesnar drop the WWE Universal Championship after having one of the longest championship reigns in WWE history. Of course, this was entirely expected as Lesnar made it publicly known that he has every intention of making a return to the UFC.

It was widely anticipated that Lesnar would lose the title at WrestleMania 34 to Roman Reigns. Shockingly, Lesnar retained the title which led to many questions as to his current status within the WWE. News then broke that he had signed a new contract with WWE and that he would still be sticking around for the next few months.

It is clear that the WWE have invested a lot in Lesnar and that they want the superstar to remain as a part of the WWE in any capacity which they can have him. This is also a huge reason as to why Lesnar has received such preferential treatment and has been the exception to so many rules which the WWE holds strictly in place for so many of its other superstars.

Lesnar's run as Universal champion was exciting in the beginning but his limited appearances eventually made his reign become tedious. There was no thrill, no excitement and it seemed that he was destined to be Roman Reigns rival and nothing more.

He is currently busy with the UFC at the moment and will be for the next few months. However, his return to the WWE provides the company with an opportunity to get him involved in some new and exciting feuds as well as to bring some new talent into the spotlight.

Lesnar does have some unfinished business within the WWE and this article will take a look at 5 WWE superstars who Lesnar should face on his return to the WWE.

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Published 07 Sep 2018, 20:00 IST
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