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4 WWE Superstars who deserve a title run this year

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There is no denying that WWE has one of the most talented rosters a wrestling promotion can hope to have. Their roster is one which is filled with diverse talent from all over the world and contains a wonderful mix of powerhouses, technical wrestlers and more. There are many wrestling promotions who would love to have even half of the Superstars which the WWE has at its disposal and this is something which highlights just how talented the current roster is.

However, WWE have been guilty of not making the best use of their superstars on more than one occasion. Many wrestling fans have shown their disappointment and anger at times when a Superstar gets shoved down the pecking order even though that particular Superstar has shown to be main event material.

Even as you read this article I am certain that there will be at least a few names which come to mind. Fans have been very vocal about wanting their favorite superstars to receive a deserved push and have made this very clear both during live shows and on social media. The unfortunate thing is that the WWE has not always listened to their fans and have been very fixed on pushing the superstars who they feel should be the next face of the company, instead of focusing on those superstars who are really over with the fans.

WWE have to ensure that they stop repeating this mistake and that they give other superstars an opportunity to feature in the main event. There are many superstars who the WWE have kept in the mid-card who would do far better if they were moved up the roster. In this article, we will look at 5 superstars who have been overlooked for far too long and who really deserve a run with the title this year.

Special mention: Braun Strowman.

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#1 Samoa Joe

 Samoa Joe could set be set to miss the Royal Rumble through injury

Samoa Joe's run in the WWE has been riddled with injuries over the past few months. This has seen Joe take somewhat of a back seat to other Superstars while he has been away. But the WWE needs to waste no time in getting him into a meaningful feud now that he is back.

Joe has been drafted to SmackDown Live and this opens up a lot more opportunities for him to dominate. Roman Reigns is clearly going to rule Monday Night Raw for the foreseeable future, and at 39 years of age, Joe is unlikely to be hanging around for too long in a full-time capacity.


A feud with Rusev would be really interesting to watch and the WWE needs to take note of the enormous potential that such a feud would have for both Superstars. Both Rusev and Joe are in need of a push and a rivalry between these two athletes might be just what they need to gain some momentum.

Another idea could be to pair Joe and Rusev together as a tag-team. There is no denying that this would be a powerful duo who could dominate the tag-team division before they eventually use that momentum.

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