WWE Main Event, 7th August: Results and Analysis

FILE PHOTO: Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara

WWE Main Event, August 7 edition taped three exciting matches for the crowd. Josh Matthews and The Miz were at commentary as usual.

The first match saw the Shield take on the Usos and Mark Henry, repeating their match at RAW last week. It looks as though this ends the feud between the two groups.

The second match was between Natalya and Aksana and the main event was between the Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and Sin Cara with Paul Heyman at ringside.

The Shield vs The Usos and Mark Henry

The Shield continued their winning ways as they managed to stay unscathed again. The Usos and Henry look a strong team but apparently it is too difficult for them to beat the Shield who have their own strategies to take out their opponent.

Jey and Rollins started the proceedings as Jey gained the upper hand. Jimmy and Ambrose were tagged in and the latter started gaining control. Later Jimmy managed to tag Henry who came in and didn’t take too much effort to impose on Ambrose.

A desperate Ambrose then managed to tag Reigns who tamed Henry for sometime in the corner until Henry made a comeback with a huge boot.

Back from commercials, the Shield were back in control and remained in control for most of the match. The Shield held Jey close to their corner as they methodically kept tagging each other.

Jey, after a desperate half body slam, gave Henry the tag who knocked around the Shield like a rag doll. Henry, after a body slam, tagged Jimmy, but the referee didn’t notice this. Reigns then hit the Curb Stomp on Jimmy for the victory.

That was a well contested match as both sides had near-falls. Let’s hope this is the end of this feud as we have seen this match far too many times to have this repeated at SummerSlam.

Winner: The Shield

2. Natalya vs Aksana

So, this is a surprise as both these wrestlers have finally got some time inside the ring. Both these wrestlers are extremely talented but have not been able to find a good feud to display that.

The match had good back and forth action and the moves were quite crisp as both these wrestlers are known for their wrestling ability, especially Natalya. After Aksana attacked her leg, Natalya countered with a sharpshooter and made Aksana tap out.

Winner: Natalya

3. Main Event: Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara

Without a match at SummerSlam, current Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel looks somewhat lost at the moment. Under the guidance of the best manager in WWE today, Curtis Axel rose to stardom almost instantly after winning the Intercontinental gold.

Axel is receiving a lot of attention in the Lesnar-Punk feud, especially after being on RAW this week. Speaking of his match against Cara, the match had several back and forth action, with Sin Cara showing us his high flying talent.

Towards the end, Sin Cara looked hot as he landed some impressive moves on Axel, but Curt somehow managed to remain in the match. In the end, Cara’s attempts of a top rope moonsault were countered by Axel who then hit the Axel Cutter for the victory.

Heyman was on commentary and made his client look extremely strong during the match.

Winner: Curtis Axel

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