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WWE may have found the next Hulk Hogan (Opinion)

  • Is this 2-Time Tag Team Champion the next Hulk Hogan?
Modified 05 Mar 2020, 19:42 IST

Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan
Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan

Each generation of WWE was defined by one major Superstar who carried the company and was pushed to be the undisputed face of the promotion. There may have been a couple of faces during certain phases (The Rock and Steve Austin), however, during the Golden Era of professional wrestling in the 80s, Hulk Hogan was the most popular performer in the company.

WWE has created various big-name stars since then, however, The Hulkster's character, charisma and sports-entertainment factor were just too unique to replicate. 

Thankfully for the WWE, they may now have a modern-day version of Hulk Hogan on SmackDown.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp joined Sportskeeda's Gary Cassidy for a special Elimination Chamber preview show presented by Sportskeeda.

While analyzing the Intercontinental Championship match scheduled for the PPV, SRS explained why Braun Strowman could be the modern-day Hulk Hogan in the WWE.

According to Sean Ross Sapp, Strowman has all the tools to be the second coming of the Hulkster in this era.

Here's what was discussed on special guest Sean Ross Sapp told Gary Cassidy on Sportskeeda's Elimination Chamber preview show:

This is number two or number three as far as the six-match show of what I’m interested in right now because this is a different element and they do protect Braun sometimes. I think this championship, this new model of the championship, the new one that they have made should be Braun’s title. If they don’t have plans for him as world champion then that should be his title belt, and make no mistake, I think they should be their modern-day Hogan.
I think he’s that good. I think he can be carried enough in the ring, and carry himself enough and do the press,

Braun Strowman is undisputedly one of the most popular figures in the WWE at the moment, but can he actually become a mainstream sensation like the Hulk Hogan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Published 05 Mar 2020, 19:42 IST
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