WWE may have subtly confirmed if Becky Lynch is leaving the company

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch's contract has expired.

Becky Lynch's last match before her contract reportedly expires was on the May 27, 2024 episode of Monday Night RAW. She took on Liv Morgan in a rematch for the Women's World Titkle and suffered a loss.

As The Man left the building, some wondered if she was leaving the company as well. The most popular opinion is that no, she is not leaving but taking a hiatus. Now, it seems that Lynch and WWE may have confirmed her actual status on social media.

WWE retweeted Becky Lynch's post about what happens next

Following WWE RAW's main event, Becky Lynch left the arena. A photograph of her leaving was captured and posted on her social media with the caption: "To be continued." The Stamford-based promotion retweeted that, indicating that it's just a break and nothing permanent.

WWE wouldn't have retweeted a "To be continued" post if it had nothing to do with the company. It could have been a post to appreciate Lynch for everything she did in WWE, but nothing otherwise. The company indulging in spreading the word about Lynch's story to be soon continued indicates that she will return to the company at some point.

WWE retweeted Becky Lynch's tweet.
WWE retweeted Becky Lynch's tweet.

The Man would like to stay with WWE in the future

Currently, Big Time Beck's contract is expiring on June 1st, 2024 and she will be a free agent after that. However, there have been no indications that she will jump ship at this point in time.

Furthermore, The Man has revealed that she would like to stay with WWE and that WrestleMania 40 wasn't her last. The contract re-sign might be delayed because reportedly she is on her way to receiving the highest financial package for any female superstar in the industry's history.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch travel with their daughter

Rollins and Lynch often travel with their daughter, Roux. Now, Rollins has reportedly re-signed with the company but Lynch hasn't. Given that they have a travel bus for traveling with their daughter, it makes sense to assume The Man will sign a new contract with WWE.

Even wrestling veteran Matt Morgan believes that if Rollins has re-signed, Lynch will re-sign with WWE as well.

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