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WWE Might Have Pulled off a double turn between The Miz and Shane McMahon at Crown Jewel

Shane McMohan
Shane McMohan
Modified 04 Nov 2018

Friday afternoon at WWE Crown Jewel, The Miz was scheduled to take on Dolph Ziggler in the finals of the WWE World Cup, which would determine who the "Best in the World" is. However, Miz suffered an apparent leg injury and could not compete, so Shane McMahon took his place and won the match and is now the Best in the World, but it could also be setting up a double turn. 


First off, while he did cut heel promos throughout the show, The Miz won his matches against Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio cleanly, which is rare for him. Also, when he got hurt, he still wanted to compete in the match and kept saying "I never get hurt". This had Miz coming off as a sympathetic babyface who didn't want to go out in that fashion. 

Now let's take a look at Shane McMahon. Shane came off as an obnoxious heel during his celebration, much like Daniel Bryan did when he won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship. A babyface would celebrate, but be much more mellow than Shane was. Also, he came off as a heel GM when he said that is the Smackdown competitor lost to the RAW competitor in the finals they would be fired. A babyface authority figure, like Paige, would not make such a stipulation like that, even if Shane has a grudge against his sister Stephanie McMahon, who is the RAW Commissioner. A babyface would also trust his roster and would listen to The Miz, who still wanted to compete even if he was injured. He also could have sent out another superstar on the Smackdown roster to take Miz's spot, but instead, he put himself in the spotlight, which an egotistic heel would do.

 While it may be too early to say if this was a double turn or not since we need to see what happens Tuesday on Smackdown, it is certainly an interesting idea since the fans love Shane and Miz has been a heel for the majority of his career, and the last time he was a face it was a flop. Are you interested in the possible double turn between Shane McMahon and the possible feud between the two? 

Published 04 Nov 2018, 02:12 IST
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