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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: December 4th, 2018

Greg Bush
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Fabulous Truth attempted to pick up another upset win tonight
Fabulous Truth attempted to pick up another upset win tonight

This week's episode of Mixed Match Challenge gave us the SmackDown side of the quarterfinals. Team Fabulous Truth somehow found their way into the traditional part of the tournament and faced off against Charlotte and Jeff Hardy.

Charlotte's original partner, AJ Styles, was replaced a few weeks ago by the Charismatic Enigma. That hasn't caused any real issues, however, as Hardy and Charlotte remain the only undefeated duo on the Blue Brand's side. All four teams tonight are fighting for a chance at the #30 spot in both the men and women's Royal Rumble matches...along with an all expenses paid vacation.

Would R-Truth and Carmella pick up their second win of the tournament, or would Charismatic Flair (that's the best I've got) send Fabulous Truth home tonight? 

#1 Charlotte & Jeff Hardy vs Carmella & R-Truth

Truth and Hardy began the bout, with Hardy still exhausted from the beat downs he received from Randy Orton and Samoa Joe earlier in the night. Truth and Hardy faced off in a mini-dance battle before continuing the match.

As Hardy began a "Delete!" chant, Carmella tagged herself in. The Princess of Staten Island had a pretty good record against the Queen and hoped her experience would help her topple Charlotte. A few chops stunned the former SmackDown Women's Champion, but Carmella caught Flair with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors.

Charlotte sent Mella to the outside, followed by Hardy dropping Truth, who joined his partner at ringside. Hardy and Flair went for a double baseball slide, but Fabulous Truth avoided, then slid inside for a dance break.

As they finished, Charlotte connected with a forearm to the back of Carmella's head. Charlotte brought her old rival to the corner, proceeding to walk a mudhole Stone Cold style.


Charlotte locked in some head scissors on Carmella, then proceeded to pound her head into the mat. The Queen sent Carmella flying with three tosses through the head scissors position, then went for a moonsault. Carmella stopped her, sending her crashing to the mat with a handspring super hurricanrana.

Truth and Hardy were tagged in, with Truth getting the best of Hardy in the early exchange. An Axe Kick from Truth almost sealed the deal, but Charlotte pulled him off, breaking up the pin.

Carmella took Charlotte to the outside, but the distraction allowed Hardy to connect with the Twist of Fate. Carmella tried to sacrifice herself and stop the Swanton Bomb, but Charlotte pulled her out. Truth avoided the Swanton Bomb and rolled Hardy up for the pin in a shocking upset.

Results: R-Truth & Carmella defeated Jeff Hardy & Charlotte via pinfall

Fabulous Truth is now two wins away from locking in their slots at #30 in the Royal Rumbles. For the second week in a row, the #1 seed has been eliminated.

Next week, Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox will take on Finn Balor and Bayley in the semi-finals. Team B'N'B are the current favorites in the tournament, but two back to back weeks of upsets could spell disaster for Balor & Bayley.

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