WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: October 30, 2018

Raw's match featured a dominating performance, while SmackDown's team engaged in another kind of challenge
Raw's match featured a dominating performance, while SmackDown's team engaged in another kind of challenge
Greg Bush

On this week's edition of the Mixed Match Challenge, Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox attempted to pick up their first win by facing the undefeated and unstoppable duo of Ember Moon and Braun Strowman.

Mahalicia (Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox) w/The Singh Brothers vs Monster Eclipse

Prior to the match, Alicia Fox insulted the Singh Brothers, continuing to drive a wedge between herself, the Singhs, and Jinder Mahal. Jinder was mortified prior to the match because Fox told the WWE Universe that the Modern Day Maharaja was ready to lock horns with the Monster Among Men.

Mahal would get his opportunity early on, as he and Strowman began the match. The former WWE Champion, while holding impressive strength, was unable to hold up well against the former Mr. Money in the Bank.

Jinder attempted to take his opponent down with multiple shoulder tackles, but Strowman never budged. The Monster Among Men eventually sent Mahal flying into his corner, where Mahal would tag out.

Alicia Fox and Ember Moon traded holds back and forth, but when Moon shot her off into the ropes, the captain repeatedly ran across the ring, even when Moon was out of harm's way.

Moon escaped a headlock from Fox, attempting a roll-up. Fox kicked out at two. After a boot from Fox, Moon attempted to make her way to her corner, only for the former Diva's Champion to drag her back into the middle of the ring, cutting her off from Strowman.

Moon finally escaped the clutches of Alicia Fox. Mahal, who was afraid to get in the ring with Strowman, attempted to pull Moon back, only to be caught with an enziguri by the Shenom.

Strowman finally tagged in, running through Mahal. The former WWE Champion was pulled outside, where Strowman would chase the Singh Brothers. Before he could catch them, Ember Moon took them out with a crossbody from the apron. Strowman then bulldozed Mahal before sending him back in.

Before he could jump on Mahal, Fox attempted to prevent him from finishing the match. However, an Eclipse took her out, allowing Strowman to drive Mahal into the ring canvas with the Running Powerslam.

Results: Monster Eclipse defeated Mahalicia via pinfall.

Monday Night Raw's devastating duo advances to 3-0 in the Mixed Match Challenge, while Mahalicia fall to a paltry 0-3. The only other team to reach 3-0 in the MMC is Team Awe-Ska on SmackDown Live.

Monster Eclipse and Country Dominance remain undefeated, while B'N'B sits in the middle of the standings at 2-1. Below them are Team Paws and Mahalicia, winless.

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Edited by Kishan Prasad
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