WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: Semi-finals, December 11th, 2018

In a season that's left most of the top teams with new partners, the underdogs have made it to the semi-finals
In a season that's left most of the top teams with new partners, the underdogs have made it to the semi-finals
Greg Bush

The semi-finals are finally upon us. Each one of these teams is two wins away from an all expense paid vacation to anywhere in the world, along with the #30 spot in both of the Royal Rumble matches.

Due to an illness, Finn Balor was taken out of the Mixed Match Challenge, forcing Bayley to find another partner. Luckily she was able to team up with Apollo Crews, who looked to make a big splash and step his career up by getting that late spot in the Royal Rumble. However, the two would have to face Team Mahalicia, who have been on a roll lately.

Would Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal advance to the finals at WWE TLC, or could Apollo Crews and Bayley make magic happen tonight?

Bayley & Apollo Crews vs Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers

Fans chanted for Bayley immediately, but Crews and Mahal began the match anyway. Mahal had a hard time overpowering Crews, as both looked to be evenly matched. Crews had agility on his side, though, which allowed him to nearly pin Mahal twice.

Fox decided to tag herself in, bringing Bayley in on the other side of the ring. Bayley quickly rolled Fox up three times, almost pinning the former Diva's Champion. Bayley and Crews clearly held the upper hand in this bout. Fox, Mahal, and the Singhs argued outside the ring, but when Fox went back inside, she took over with some tough strikes.

Another roll-up gave Bayley a two-count, and she fought over to Apollo Crews. Crews and Mahal stepped inside, and the former WWE Champion began to beat down the former Titus Worldwide member.

It didn't take Crews long to pick up some steam, using his speed and athleticism to avoid Mahal for a while, but a bad landing from a standing moonsault allowed Mahal to take over once again. Mahal sent Crews into the turnbuckle and continued to punish him while Fox and the Singh Brothers chanted for him.

Apollo attempted to break out of Mahal's grasp, but a devastating clothesline sent Crews back down to the mat, where Mahal locked in a headlock. After a few minutes, Apollo fought out, breaking Mahal's clutch and taking him down with an enzeguiri. Crews made it to his corner and it was time for Bayley and Fox to get back in the ring.

Bayley came in like a house on fire, pelting Fox with a bevy of fists, followed by a running knee into the corner. A rope hung stunner left Fox dazed, allowing the former Raw Women's Champion to connect with the Bayley-To-Belly.

The Singhs pulled Fox out as the ref almost hit the 3-count, but for some reason didn't call for the disqualification. Crews and Bayley beat down the Singhs and Jinder Mahal. However, a running big boot from Alicia Fox would put Bayley down for the count.

Results: Team Mahalicia defeated Bayley & Apollo Crews via pinfall.

Once the lowest team on the totem pole on Raw's side, the team of Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal have made it to the finals of the Mixed Match Challenge, meaning they are one win away from the most coveted spots in the WWE.

Backstage, Mahal and Fox argued about their vacation destination. Fox said that their winning streak is because of her work as captain of the ship. Asuka interrupted the interview, already gloating over Team Mahalicia before she and The Miz even wrestled in the SmackDown semi-finals.

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