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WWE/MMA News: Former teammate narrates how Brock Lesnar suplexed an opponent during scuffle at football practice

Sudhir Bose
3.46K   //    16 Jul 2016, 14:55 IST
That’s right

MMA and pro-wrestling promos have a reputation for folding in more than a little imagination. But UFC’s spiel for Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 doesn’t seem like too much of stretch. In the video, the ever-factual Joe Rogan and other analysts wax on about how Brock’s a fighter in the most molecular sense; always combative. They play a clip of Brock firing at a ringside doctor who came to check on him after a fight, “What do you want?”, alongside the commentary.

Pardon the drama, but if you were to conjure a quintessential combat sports athlete like Morgana Le Fay does blood demons, Lesnar would be what you were left with when the smoke cleared.

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and Brock’s erstwhile teammate Nate Burleson recalled how Brock once suplexed a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Vikings and the Chiefs were at a joint off-season practice in 2004 when Brock’s muscle memory took over and created a moment that would become his calling card in the WWE.

Here’s what Burleson said: “Somebody cheap-shotted Daunte Culpepper late. And Brock was like, 'Who did it?’ The next play, he went and suplexed the guy. He picked up a grown man after the play. It was a Royal Rumble: Minnesota versus Kansas City. ... That was a nasty suplex on the football field.”

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