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WWE/MMA News: Jack Swagger reveals how MMA training differs from WWE

Johny Payne
1.41K   //    22 Dec 2017, 21:48 IST

Jack Swagger is hyped about his MMA and pro-wrestling career
Jack Swagger is hyped about his MMA and pro-wrestling career

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of the Pat Buck WrestlePro Show, Jack Swagger spoke about his transition from the WWE to the indie circuit.

Additionally, Swagger also addressed his future in MMA and professional wrestling; detailing how his MMA training differs from that of his WWE training regimen.

In case you didn’t know…

Jack Swagger, whose real name is Donald Jacob Hager, is a former amateur wrestling champion and is often praised for his decorated background as a collegiate wrestler.

The 35-year-old former World Heavyweight Champion parted ways with the WWE earlier this year and has signed with Bellator MMA while continuing to compete in pro-wrestling as well.

The heart of the matter

Jack Swagger emphasized that transitioning to the indies after a long WWE stint feels a bit like he’s starting over again. He alluded that his main aim on the indies is to prove that he can wrestle a style different than what is usually presented in the WWE, and cater to different markets and audiences.

Furthermore, Swagger elucidated that he’s honored to work with Bellator MMA as they’ll let him pursue a pro-wrestling career simultaneously. He stated that he’d love to have 2 fights in Bellator MMA and wrestle as well over 2018. Swagger spoke about his training differences—

"Goal number-1 is to put on size. Tall guys like me the weight always falls off, so making weight has never been an issue. I want to keep on sizing and focusing on that, as well as eating right and sleeping right. At my age, I had to train very creatively to push myself without pushing my body where I am out for a couple of weeks, which is very challenging, but in 2017 where Sports Medicine is at it can easily be done,"

Swagger explained that he’s working with Josh Rafferty, an ex-UFC guy, who also worked with Dave Batista’s team for the latter’s lone MMA fight. Swagger also expressed his happiness regarding the same, adding that he’s very confident in the team he’s assembled.

What’s next?

Jack Swagger’s MMA debut is likely to come against a relatively inexperienced MMA fighter and will be announced by Bellator MMA in the days to come.


The towering wrestler also competes on the independent professional wrestling circuit.

Author’s take

For long, Jack Swagger has been one of the more underrated talents in the sport.

Swagger seems very passionate about MMA, and given his otherworldly athleticism, he could go on to have a decent career in Bellator. Besides, fans can also catch him wrestling on the indies in the days to come. 

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