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WWE/MMA News: MMA fighter scores eerie "3-count" Knockout with HBK's Sweet Chin Music

Johny Payne
15.30K   //    17 Feb 2018, 23:51 IST

Shawn Michaels would be proud of Kevin Wirth
Shawn Michaels would be proud of Kevin Wirth

What’s the story?

MMA fighter Kevin Wirth scored an incredible KO at LFA 33, as he used Shawn Michaels/HBK’s “Sweet Chin Music” to do so.

Apparently, something eerie which has set both the professional wrestling and MMA communities abuzz is the fact that the fight was stopped at 3:33 minutes of Round 3—eerily similar to the 3-count that results in the end of a WWE match.

In case you didn’t know…

Kevin Wirth is a Mixed Martial Artist who competes in the Flyweight division.

On the other hand, Shawn Michaels—popularly referred to as the ‘Heart Break Kid’—is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestling performers and most beloved WWE Superstars of all time.

The heart of the matter

Shawn Michaels’ WWE finisher “Sweet Chin Music” has been used on several opponents to devastating effect; helping HBK pin his opponents 1-2-3.

While Michaels has long retired from WWE and the sport of professional wrestling, he often returns to WWE and doles out his aforementioned finisher/signature move—most recently hitting The Revival with Sweet Chin Music at RAW’s 25th-anniversary episode last month.

In traditional striking (in this case—Kickboxing/Taekwondo) terminology, the Sweet Chin Music manoeuvre is known as a Side-Kick—wherein the heel of one’s foot connects on the target and snaps on it. Kevin Wirth connected with a beautiful Side-Kick—virtually identical to that of HBK—on Isaiah Gutierrez during their LFA 33 bout; dropping the latter and following up with a few ground strikes.

The bout was called off at 3:33 of Round 3, which in turn, seems spookily connected to the 3-count that signals the end of a WWE match—


What’s next?

Kevin Wirth is presently basking in the glory of his success at LFA 33 and boasts an impressive pro-MMA record of 5 wins and no losses.

Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels now serves as a trainer and ambassador to the WWE.

Author’s take

For those unaware of shoot-striking fundamentals, what Kevin Wirth just pulled off is incredibly difficult to implement in an MMA bout.

While Side-Kicks to the legs and body are commonplace in MMA, executing an excellent Side-Kick with enough power & accuracy on an opponent’s head is a stiff challenge indeed, which if successfully executed, leaves your opponent KO’d stiff on the mat (pun intended). 

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