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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: Finn Balor and Sasha Banks vs The Miz and Asuka

The next round of the MMC begins
The next round of the MMC begins
Greg Bush
Modified 05 Nov 2019, 11:51 IST

The next round of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge started off with a bang this week, as we had the Boss Club, Finn Balor and Sasha Banks, taking on Awe-ska, Miz and Asuka. Sasha and Finn entered first, with Sasha saying that Asuka's undefeated streak would come to an end tonight, while Finn gloated about his victory over the Intercontinental Champion the previous night.

Asuka and the Miz came out next, with an Awe-Ska graphic displayed over the titantron. The duo argued over who the undefeated streak belongs to.

Finn Balor and Miz started the match off first, with the Miz grabbing a mic and forcing LA to shut their mouths. Before he could use his catch-phrase, however, Finn rolled up Miz. Miz kicked out of two pinning attempts, and Asuka almost had a panic attack over the thought of losing her streak. The Miz reassured Asuka that he could handle this.

Miz caught Finn with a series of kicks, but he rolled the champion up again, with Miz kicking out at two. Miz tried to pin Finn with a sunset flip, but Finn countered it into a basement dropkick. Asuka would come in to berate Miz about his performance so far.

Miz then went for his patented It Kicks, but Finn tried to roll him up again. Miz slid to his corner, and Asuka tagged herself in. The Boss and the Empress of Tomorrow took over, with Asuka dominating Banks.

Sasha slapped Asuka, which enraged the undefeated superstar, bringing a flurry of fists and kicks the Boss's way. Asuka would then hit Sasha with the It Kicks, but just like the Miz, Asuka failed to connect with the final kick.

Sasha hung Asuka up in the corner and hit her with her double stomp, getting a two count in the process. Sasha would slow the match down with a rest hold before throwing the Royal Rumble winner into the corner, catching Asuka with running double knees, repeating it to a seated Asuka.

Sasha would taunt Miz and Asuka with the It Kicks, but Asuka rolled out of the way and threw the Boss up into the air, catching her with a kick to the jaw. The women tag out, and Finn comes in on fire. Stiff kicks, a dropkick, and a double stomp to the chest would take out the Intercontinental champion. Finn went for a pin, but Asuka broke it up at two.

Finn rolled the Miz up again, but the Miz countered it into a brutal Skull Crushing Finale. Sasha breaks up the pin, and the Miz would argue with the ref over if Sasha is allowed to touch him. Finn took advantage of this, however, hitting him with a sling blade, followed by a corner dropkick. Finn landed the Coup De Grace, but Asuka broke it up.


Sasha and Finn put Miz and Asuka in the Bank Statement and the crossface, respectively, but Asuka reversed into the Asuka Lock. Finn is distracted by Sasha's tapping, causing Miz to counter the submission into a pin, getting the three count in 12:52.

Results: The Miz and Asuka defeat Finn Balor and Sasha Banks

Next week's match is Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss vs Jimmy Uso and Naomi

Asuka and the Miz walk up the ramp, celebrating and taunting all the way. Asuka's undefeated streak is safe for now.

Published 28 Feb 2018, 09:17 IST
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