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WWE Monday Night Raw preview: October 30, 2017

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Will there be hell to pay for Team SmackDown Live?
Will there be hell to pay for Team SmackDown Live?

After SmackDown Live besieged Monday Night Raw last week, the denizens of the Red brand were understandably too shook to respond the very next day itself.

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But a week on from the attack, the WWE's flagship show has had enough time to regroup and plan their next step.

So how will Kurt Angle and Co. choose to respond to the blatant show of aggression by Shane McMahon and his charges?

Will they reply in kind by organizing a collective invasion of their Tuesday night rivals? Or does the Olympic Gold Medallist have something else in mind?

Find out in our preview of Monday Night Raw...even as the build to Survivor Series gains traction.

#5 Kurt Angle's response

How will Kurt Angle respond to this?
How will Kurt Angle respond to this?

Kurt Angle looked shellshocked last week when he was dragged out by the Raw Superstars at the behest of Shane McMahon.

Having had a week to get his head screwed on straight about the whole mess though, how will the GM of Raw respond to the threat that his show is under?

Will he plot a revenge attack on SmackDown Live? Or will he decide, unwisely I might add, to not engage them at their game and take the higher road?

But irrespective of what he decides to do, the biggest problem he may have is in dealing with a rampant SmackDown Live roster and Shane McMahon if they decide to pull the stunt that they did last week, again.

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