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WWE Money In The Bank 2018: Carmella vs Asuka, SmackDown Women's Championship match, winner, video highlights and analysis

Greg Bush
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Did Asuka put an end to Carmella's championship reign?

Carmella has said for months that she's better than Charlotte and, therefore, better than the woman Charlotte beat at WrestleMania. Did the transitive property equate another win for the Smackdown Women's Champion?

Carmella attempted to lock up with the Empress but was quickly overpowered by the former NXT Women's Champion. Mella then evaded some lightning fast spinning back fists before moonwalking on the apron.

Asuka caught Carmella's leg and attempted to spin her around into a clothesline. However, Mella landed the first strike, a slap, across the face of Asuka. This only fired up the #1 contender, who went to work with a hip attack, followed by repeated kicks to Carmella's chest, and one final hip attack which knocked the champ off the apron. Carmella attempted to leave with her belt, but Asuka wouldn't let her get away that easily, catching her with a knee across the face.

Carmella avoided a suplex over the turnbuckle, pulling her challenger's arm, forcing her into the ring post, then washed her face in the mat. Carmella then locked in a double chicken wing, but Asuka broke out, attempting an Asuka Lock.

Carmella's speed saved her from a deadly striking combination, dodging another spinning back fist and taking Asuka down with a few well-placed kicks. The champ then locked on a headlock, keeping Asuka on the mat. Asuka broke out and made her way to the top rope, blocking a head scissors attempt by Carmella. However, Carmella avoided a missile dropkick attempt.

Asuka goaded the champion into a heel hook, but she made her way to the ropes before any serious damage could be done. Asuka finally landed some strikes on Carmella, with some kicks to the face followed by a German suplex and another hip attack. The Empress worked over the champion's arm with an arm breaker and attempted an armbar, but Carmella fought off the submission, throwing Asuka to the outside.

As Asuka made her way back to the apron, Carmella stopped her with a jawbreaker followed by a kick that launched her challenger to the floor. Asuka made it back to her feet only to be hit by a suicide dive, with Mella throwing her back in the ring for a few pin attempts. Asuka broke out at two on three separate occasions, then connected with two spinning back fists and an enziguri.


Before she could end Carmella's title reign, an Asuka imposter made their way onto the apron, wearing her signature mask. Asuka couldn't keep her eyes off of her double, who was revealed to be the returning James Ellsworth. Asuka's shock allowed Carmella to land a superkick on the jaw, picking up the win and retaining her championship.

Carmella defeats Asuka to retain the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

Carmella and James Ellsworth danced their way up the ramp, prancing and gloating while Asuka was left stunned in the middle of the ring. What does the return of James Ellsworth mean for Smackdown's women's division?

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