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WWE Money In The Bank 2018: Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, winners, video highlights and analysis

Liam Hoofe
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Eight super
Eight superstars battled it out to become the 2018 Mr Money in the Bank

After an inconsistent night, the 2018 Mr Money in the Bank was decided in the final match of the evening at Money in the Bank.

After all of the other entrances, Kofi Kingston was revealed as the member of The New Day entering the match, meaning that three of the eight participants have taken part in Money in the Bank matches in the past, with Kevin Owens having lost in 2016 and 2017, Kofi Kingston appearing in six Money in the Banks matches in the past, while The Miz, of course, won the match back in 2010.

The match kicked off with five of the superstars attacking Braun and taking him into the corner. That didn't last long though, as Braun went into the monster mode and cleared the ring early on. Braun then went outside to get a ladder but was jumped by Kofi and Samoa Joe.

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Braun continued to be the focal point of the match as he chased Kevin Owens up the ramp, only to be taken out by all the other competitors and buried under several ladders.

Meanwhile, in the ring, The Miz who was the favourite according to the betting odds tried to climb a ladder while everyone else was distracted but he was soon taken out by Samoa Joe, as everyone else tried to get back in the ring.

As Joe and The Miz fought in the ring, Kofi then hit a trouble in paradise on Samoa Joe before chucking The Miz out of the ring.

Kofi then set up a ladder, only to be interrupted by Kevin Owens, who took out The New Day man with a superkick. Finn Balor then made his way back into the ring and entered into an exchange with Owens.

Having got rid of Owens, Balor was then confronted by Roode, who he made quick work of before Owens came back into the fray. The two men then spilt onto the outside of the ring, where Owens threw Balor into a ladder and laid him out onto the announce table with a superkick.

Owens then teased the first big spot of the night as he went climbing up a huge ladder and hit a frog splash on Balor. His plans were ruined, though, when Rusev tried to climb the ladder in the ring, forcing Owens to go back into the ring and prevent The Bulgarian Brute from getting his hands on the briefcase.

Samoa Joe and Kofi Kingston then kept up the fast opening tempo as they fought Owens in the ring. Kofi quickly gained the advantage but was soon stopped by The Miz. This led to Kofi hitting a big dive onto the outside onto everyone. Unfortunately, Kofi got caught and Finn then managed to hit a dive onto everyone, leading Coach to drop the line 'that was Finncredible'

Finn then made the foolish mistake of waking up Braun Strowman by moving one of the ladders that were on top of him. Braun then ran down the ramp and laid out Kofi with a big shoulder barge, only for Samoa Joe to come flying through the middle rope and stump his momentum.

Rusev and Kevin Owens then teamed up on Braun back at the top of the ramp. Owens and Rusev then set up a table and Samoa Joe joined them, laying Braun out with a coquina clutch. Owens then went for his second big spot attempt, climbing up the biggest ladder in the arena to hit a frog splash on Braun.

Unfortunately for Owens, Braun is not an easy monster to keep down and he climbed the ladder, throwing Owens off the top in one of the night's most impressive spots and putting the former Universal Champion out of action.

Braun then continued his trail of destruction, running down to ringside and laying out Finn Balor and Bobby Roode with a running shoulder tackle.

This led to The Miz being forced to face Braun as he attempted to climb the ladder. Joe, however, constantly a thorn in Braun's side, took him out once again, with Finn Balor following that up by hitting a running dropkick on Braun over the barrier.

The action then continued in the ring, with Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Rusev and Kofi Kingston all exchanging blows.

Rusev eventually got the upper hand and slapped on the double accolade on Bobby Roode and Kofi. The Miz then tried to break it up and found himself also trapped in the Bulgarian's clutches.

After an exchange with Rusev, The Miz found himself at the top of the ladder in the ring, only to be joined by fellow Money in the Bank veteran, Kofi Kingston. Their party didn't last long though, as Bobby Roode soon tipped both men out of the ring.

Roode then found himself alone in the ring with Finn Balor, who, after laying Roode out, realised that the big ladder was still outside the ring and promptly climbed up to hit a coup de grace from the top in yet another impressive spot.

The chaos was non-stop, as Braun Strowman then returned to the fray and got into an exchange with Finn. The two men then began scrambling up the ladder, only for Kofi to jump on Strowman's back and literally piggyback his way to the top of the ladder on Braun's back.

With Finn wobbling, Braun eventually threw him down, shaking Kofi off his back and then taking the briefcase.

Braun Strowman is Mr Money in the Bank 2018.

This was a non-stop thrill-ride, with Braun Strowman taking home the Money in the Bank briefcase to top off an entertaining, but inconsistent night.

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