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WWE Money In The Bank 2018: Women's Money in the Bank ladder match, winners, video highlights, and analysis

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Eight women fought for the Women's Money in the Bank contract
Eight women fought for the Women's Money in the Bank contract

All eight women who step in the ring tonight in just the second annual Money in the Bank women's ladder match earned their shot in the match and will now fight it out for a chance to become Miss Money in the Bank.

Lana, Ember Moon, Sasha Banks, Naomi and Alexa Bliss are all making their debut in this match tonight, whilst Charlotte, Natalya, and Becky Lynch were both in last year's historic match but came up short to first ever winner Carmella.

The first Miss Money in the Bank was successful when she cashed in her contract and now there are eight women who are fighting for the chance to follow in her footsteps.

Many of this eight-woman field had never been in a ladder match before, but this didn't stop all eight of the Superstars from hiding the nerves as the match kicked off. Natalya was the first woman to throw a ladder into the ring, but Lynch kicked it back to the outside before she then kicked Charlotte out as well.

Moon then slid a ladder in before Natalya attempted to take it away from The War Goddess, but she was sent into the steel steps and Naomi then came in to give a fight. Banks was dropped with a kick by Moon whilst she set up a ladder and threw Naomi to the outside. Moon tried to set up a ladder, but Banks tried to interfere and was cross-bodied onto the steel.

Lana made her presence known by hitting her finisher off a ladder on Moon before Natalya came into the ring and bodyslammed the dancing star off the ladder. Naomi was then dropped tailbone first onto the ladder by Natalya and Charlotte laid down the chops on the chest of "The Queen of Harts."

Charlotte looked to set up the ladder before her friend Becky Lynch slid into the ring and the two women fought over the ladder whilst Naomi jumped up and delivered a clothesline to Natalya off the ladder. Alexa Bliss and Naomi then fought over the ladder before the former Smackdown Women's Champion got the upper hand and then delivered a blockbuster off the apron on Sasha Banks.

Lynch climbed the ladder as Moon and Naomi fought for the weapon, but the two women turned on The Lasskicker before turning their attention back to each other. Moon landed on her feet off a monkey flip before hip tossing Naomi onto the ladder.

Banks brought in a ladder and used it as a weapon as she stacked up Moon and Lana in the corner and dropped the knees on the two women. Banks climbed the ladder but was stopped by Charlotte before they then fought for a place on the ladder and pushed each other off. "The Queen" delivered a neck breaker before she went for the razor's edge but Sasha countered and started to climb the ladder.

Sasha was tipped off the ladder before Alexa Bliss started to climb but she was dragged off by Banks. Bliss and Banks fought at the top of the ladder but Lynch pulled off Bliss and then traded forearms with "The Boss." Lana entered the ring with a bigger ladder and started to climb, six women fought it out on the top of the two ladders before Lana, Moon, Bliss, and Natalya were left but Charlotte powerbombed Moon on another ladder in the corner.

Lana and Bliss traded shots before Lana delivered a kick to the face and locked in The Accolade. The Ravishing Russian then climbed the ladder but her plan was foiled by Naomi who knocked her off the ladder and had a problem unhooking the case at the top.

Lynch was the next woman to climb with no one in her path, but Charlotte emerged and the two women exchanged right hands before Bliss tipped over the ladder. Flair climbed but Banks pulled her down into the backstabber before Naomi bounced her face first off the ladder. Natalya delivered the electric chair to Lana before she slowly climbed the ladder, but Moon kicked her off and Fair then speared "The War Goddess" through a ladder.

Lynch delivered an exploder suplex to Flair before she climbed the ladder and was knocked off my Bliss, who then unhooked the case and became just the second Miss Money in the Bank in WWE history.

There is now a Goddess in the Bank as Alexa Bliss takes the Women's Money in the Bank contract over to the Raw roster.

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