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WWE Money in the Bank: 5 reasons why Brock Lesnar should not have won the Ladder Match

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1.40K   //    20 May 2019, 22:48 IST

Mr. Money in the Bank
Mr. Money in the Bank

The WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match is among the most interesting events in the WWE. Multiple Superstars almost rip each other apart in order to win the MITB contract that guarantees them a shot at the title at any place and at any time.

This year, there were a lot of twists surrounding the Ladder Match. At first, Braun Strowman lost his place in the match after being defeated by Sami Zayn with the help of Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre last week on RAW.

However, just moments before the MITB Ladder Match, Sami Zayn was attacked and had to be hospitalized. As a result, he lost his place in the Ladder Match and main event started with 7 Superstars instead of the supposed 8.

But then, right at the very end, just as Ali was about to unhook the briefcase, Brock Lesnar appeared and went on to grab the contract to end the night as Mr. Money in the Bank.

It was a move that shocked everyone and was not really a good one – and here are 5 reasons why…

#5 Insult to the other Superstars

It was an incredible match
It was an incredible match

The MITB was an excellent PPV where almost every match was incredibly good. The Ladder Match – which was the main event – was perhaps the best of the lot as all the Superstars put their bodies on the line to give a hell of a performance.

But then, right at the very end, Lesnar came in and didn’t drop any sweat as he claimed the contract. All the hard work by the other Superstars to put on a spectacle was instantly ruined with Lesnar’s win.

Had Lesnar been in the match from the very beginning, his win wouldn’t have felt as entitled as it does now. However, this was just another instance of Lesnar being spoon-fed another opportunity.

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