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WWE needs an all-female PPV and the fantasy booking

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Looking back at the history of the women's division, WWE relegated women as the sideshow and eye candy rather than wrestlers. This would be done from having bikini contests, bra and panties bouts, 3-minute matches and not putting them all the time on the main card for PPVs like Judgement Day and Backlash and even some of the Big 4 events such as SummerSlam and WrestleMania. It wasn't because the talent wasn't good but it was more WWE sacrificing female matches to give more time to the men's and tag team divisions. And even if the women were given their rightful matches, they didn't receive a good amount of ring time to work their matches to the best potential.

Since the call-ups of former NXT stars Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch in Summer 2015, WWE has offered first-ever matches like Hell In A Cell and Royal Rumble, called the women "Superstars" rather than "Divas", putting forth their first all-women's tournament aka the Mae Young Classic and has given the women more time in the 4 sided ring. This allowed many great wrestlers like Banks, Flair, Asuka, Ember Moon, Lynch and Ronda Rousey to elevate the women's division to beyond.

According to a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE has had heavy discussions of a women's PPV for the Fall season, so we could be on our way for the very first event featuring only female wrestlers.

A Women's PPV can be beneficial to gain exposure to the whole women's roster, allow WWE to expand on new projects and it would be an incredible event to celebrate Women's Wrestling.

But here is what WWE should do for this special PPV event and how it should be booked.

When and where?


Women's wrestling has certainly increased popularity throughout these last few years but it isn't at its peak yet. Throughout every week on Raw, Smackdown and NXT, women have roughly featured 15% whilst the men are predominately on the screens as their roster is massively big than the women's roster across the whole of WWE.

Having The Women's PPV in a big stadium may not be the best idea as women's wrestling isn't fully accepted from the minority fans as they aren't so high on women in wrestling and it would be far too risky, possibly not selling as many tickets like the regular cross-brand PPVs.

This event should be in a respectful, medium to small size arena from a 5,000 capacity downwards. For example, Full Sail University and their fans have shown how good they are in their NXT tapings but also for their previous tournaments of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament, Mae Young, and CruiserWeight Classics, the crowd is energetic and lively every show and the space is really good. This would be a perfect place to host the first all-women's PPV.

In terms of when it should happen, it could easily happen around September-October, if not early next year. Having the Women's PPV around Fall would be great as it would be happening during the Mae Young Classic. WWE could easily add the Finals match of the tournament into this PPV to present it overall as a fun, exciting but important event.

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