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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Emma's failed Emmalina gimmick reportedly led to her release

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What really happened to Emma?

What's the story?

Emma was recently released from her WWE contract and several people were caught off guard. But evidently according to former WWE Writer and current member of the Pro Wrestling Sheet team James McKenna, the issues with Emma backstage were a constant struggle.

In case you didn't know...

Emma is WWE's first-ever female Australian Superstar and she loved to claim that she started the WWE Women's Revolution. After making it to the finals to determine the first-ever NXT Women's Champion, many thought Emma was earmarked to be a legitimate contender.

Unfortunately, when Emma moved to the main roster, she was relegated to B-level stories and often portrayed in a comedy role while other women took centre stage.

The heart of the matter

Former WWE writer James McKenna commented about Emma's release on an episode of The Sheet Podcast. Even though it appeared she had recovered from the ordeal, the failed Emmalina character actually had more to do with Emma's release than some first thought.

McKenna stated that when he worked for WWE, he found Emma hard to work with. She apparently made it a habit to shoot down ideas which were presented to her. This practice of rejecting so many ideas eventually became a real problem for creative.

But the last straw was when Emma's "Emmalina" character flopped so poorly that they had to scrap the idea. Emmalina was said to be a Vince McMahon creation and there was a lot of time spent on it. But McKenna says that Emma didn't like the new character and this left a bad impression on McMahon.

This cancelled Emmalina gimmick is said to have ultimately led to her leaving a bad taste in The Chairman of the Board's mouth which affected her standing in the company.

What's next?

Hopefully, Emma will find a place for herself on the indie wrestling circuit. It would be an amazing opportunity for her to establish herself.

Author's take

Sometimes to make it in WWE, you have to learn how to roll with the punches and be game for everything. Just look at someone like Natalya who has persevered through angles revolving around her flatulence. Now she's a Women's Champion.


If Emma would have been a little bit more of a team player, things could have been different for her. After all, she certainly had the skills in the ring to produce a decent match.

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