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WWE New: JTG reveals the reason Cryme Tyme were fired from WWE 

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Cryme Tyme were surprisingly released back in 2007
Cryme Tyme was surprisingly released back in 2007

What's the story?

JTG was fired from WWE more than once in his career and it appears that there is a fantastic story behind the reason that he and Shad Gaspard were fired the first time.

Thanks to WrestlingInc for the heads up.

In case you didn't know...

Cryme Tyme became known as two hustlers from the Bronx who would auction off anything that they could find throughout their time in WWE and once even had a Ho Sale after Lita retired from the company back at Survivor Series in 2006.

JTG and Shad Gaspard were a popular tag team in WWE but they were never able to capture the Tag Team Championships and after the team officially split, it could be argued that neither star officially recovered.

The heart of the matter

JTG recently appeared on Why It Ended on Major League Wrestling Radio, about the first time he and Gaspard were released from WWE back in September 2007 and there is actually quite an interesting story behind their departure.

He said that they had been released because of a 'rib' that had gone wrong. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock pulled a rib on them in a live event and left them in the ring where they had been supposed to go over. Thinking of a way to leave the crowd hot, Shad decided to hit the finish of the move on the referee.

When I rolled back in the ring, Shad had the ref on his shoulders so I'm thinking it's cool. I hit the ropes, hit our finish, got the crowd back up. Shad wanted to sell the referee's belt to the crowd, he wanted to auction it off -- okay that's a little bit extra but that's our gimmick though so I guess that's cool"

They sold the referee's belt to the crowd to a great reception. This was something that Cryme Tyme had done a number of times, so they obviously didn't expect the backlash that they received.

"Then we get backstage and Barry Windham who was our agent at the time, you know, 'I need to talk to you Shad," and I'm going along because we're a team. He's like, 'I don't need to talk to you, I need to talk to your partner.' So I'm like, 'oh that can't be good.' Shad gets his gear pulled off then John Cena rips us a new one and then the next day that's when we got called into a room by John Laurinaitis and you know, he didn't wanna do it, but he let us go.

JTG continued saying that he had expected to be fined but not fired. They had been fined on previous occasions, and he had been wondering what the amount would be.

What's next?

JTG was the luckiest star in the world since he remained contracted with WWE until 2014 despite not appearing on WWE that entire year. In recent years, JTG has taken to penning much of his career in his books, the latest of which was released back in 2016 and entitled "DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book Too? How to Play The Game."

Do you think Shad and JTG deserved to be released? Have your say in the comments section below.

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