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WWE New: Rikishi talks about why fans boo Roman Reigns

The Hall of Famer reveals the reason why people hate Roman Reigns.

Rikishi was inducted into Hall Of Fame in 2016

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi recently appeared on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show where he talked about various things including the Usos, Roman Reigns and more. Thanks to wrestlinginc below are some of the highlights from the interview:

On the topic of the recent heel turn of his twin sons and former WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, the WWE Legend said that change is good:

"Change is good. The boys have been there for six years, they rapidly broke into people's homes, and Uso became a household face and name and so forth, and after a while, it's just time for a change. I think from what I've seen, I love the new look, I love the change that's going on, but let's just hope they stay in the loop, and let them do what they do.”

Revealing the advice he would like to give his sons, the WWE Hall of Fame said that they should win the fans with their performance: 

“My advice to them, whatever position that you're in, go out there and you win the fans out there. You're out there to perform, you're out there to entertain, whatever position that you're put in, be it a heel or a babyface, go out there steal the show.

“To me, the way I see now, yeah, they turned heel, but you can kind of feel it, people really don't want to hate that, and that's because of all the love and respect the fans had for the Usos.

Talking about the backlash Roman Reigns faces from the fans the former Intercontinental champion said that there is lots of pressure on Roman's shoulder but he still gives his best each night:

"I think with Roman it's just one of those things where the fans, some of them like him, some of them don't, some of them feel like he's been pushed too fast, and some of them feel like because he's related, he's got a silver platter handed to him, but hey the business is exactly that. 

“It's just a lot on Roman shoulders, he's got all that weight carrying on his shoulders and still he goes out there to give it one hundred ten percent each and every night. Me knowing him, no matter if there are things that he might be hurt about, as far as in his body, he'll never show it. He'll still go out there and do one hundred and ten percent because there's just what Samoans do."

Along with this Rikishi also talked about Brand Split and more.

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