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WWE News: 205 Live's Mustafa Ali responds to not being medically cleared

Greg Bush
1.47K   //    18 Aug 2018, 05:10 IST

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Mustafa Ali tells the WWE Universe to listen

What's the story?

Mustafa Ali has become one of the best, if not the best, competitors on 205 Live.

In 2018, the Heart of 205 Live has caught the attention of the WWE Universe, and his matches with the likes of Cedric Alexander, Hideo Itami, and Buddy Murphy have often lit the pro-wrestling world on fire.

However, on the latest edition of 205 Live, General Manager Drake Maverick revealed that Ali wouldn't be able to compete unless he was personally cleared by Maverick himself. Ali decided to respond on Instagram.

In case you didn't know...

Mustafa Ali earned the respect of the WWE Universe in 2018 with his performance in the 205 Live Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, which ended with a finale between Ali and current champion Cedric Alexander at WrestleMania 34.

While he didn't take the title, Ali left with his head held high and a lot of new fans thanks to a large number of eyes who don't normally watch the Cruiserweights every Tuesday night--Since then, he's continuously burnt the house down, becoming the Heart of the Purple Brand.

His series with Buddy Murphy and high impact bouts with Hideo Itami have earned him the respect that he deserves, but it may have come at a cost--Maverick told the WWE Universe on the latest episode of 205 Live that Mustafa Ali was dealing with a serious bout of exhaustion from overworking himself, and would not be allowed to compete again until he met the requirements set by Maverick himself.

The heart of the matter

After a few days, Mustafa Ali finally responded to Drake Maverick's announcement.

Ali said that, while people on 205 Live decided to talk, no one was able to listen. He said that he appreciated Maverick's concern, but he's not listening.

He then went on to tell Hideo Itami, who claimed to have stopped the Heart of 205 Live, that he wasn't listening either.

If everyone just took one second to listen...they would hear something. Something loud...something real. Something you could hear from a mile away! If you took the time to listen, you would hear the heart that beats inside this chest. A heart that beats in unison with a million others because it fights for a million others. It fights for their hopes and their dreams, it fights for a chance that one day they'll be accepted for who they are and not where they're from or what they look like.

Ali continued, saying that his heart refuses to stop because he has to outdo everyone. His heart beats for something important.

Mustafa Ali thoughts on not being medically cleared to compete on #205live.

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What's next?

There's been no official return date set for Mustafa Ali at this point. However, the man many would consider the highlight of 205 Live will be missed, and you can only assume that the WWE wouldn't keep him away from the TV for too long.

Ali has considered himself a hero to those who aren't accepted, whether it be their race, religion, or something else--He achieved his dream to compete for the WWE through the strangest circumstances, appearing as a backup at the Cruiserweight Classic.

Now, with the proper platform to display his abilities, he also attempts to fight for equality across the world.