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WWE News: 205 Live star Mustafa Ali calls for the world to solve its problems through talking

Jamie Vaccaro
3.98K   //    02 Mar 2017, 17:15 IST
205 Live Superstar, Mustafa Ali

What’s the story? 

Mustafa Ali took to Twitter on Tuesday night just before his match on 205 Live with a special message.

In case you didn’t know...

If you don’t follow Mustafa Ali on Twitter, he’s a very different type of WWE Superstar, but in the best possible way. Ali regularly tweets well-spoken musings about the state of current affairs in the world today, attempting to spread a more positive outlook on the world we live in.

Ali is a very intelligent, well-spoken young man, who seems like he’s concerned just as much with making the world a better place, as he is with making the WWE Cruiserweight Division a better place.

The heart of the matter

Ali had a message for Twitter before he stepped in the ring on 205 Live: talk things out.

“Changing someone’s perspective, that can be difficult, but changing someone’s perception without even talking to them, that’s impossible.  You see, we all want to see change in this world, but how do you expect to see any change in this world when the conversation is just amongst ourselves?”

Ali would go on to state that this generation’s problem is that we’re all mouth and no ears.  He said we’re trying to change people by convincing them instead of by trying to understand them.  Ali then challenged everyone listening to go out and find someone who dislikes them.  He challenged everyone to find someone who misunderstands them or is afraid of them and invite them to take a seat.

From there, Ali stated that both parties should just talk and both listen.  He hopes that leads to both people listening and stated, “if the entire world is yelling, ain’t nobody listening.”  He finished the video by asking the viewer if they cared to take a seat.

What’s next? 

Mustafa Ali can be seen on Monday Night Raw and 205 Live.  

Sportskeeda’s take

It’s incredible that in the state that the world is currently in, there are people like Mustafa Ali who are using their enhanced platform as athletes to try and reach out to more people in an effort to have the human race try and understand one another better.  We commend Ali for his efforts, and we sincerely hope that his message is reaching someone out there who needs to hear it.

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