WWE News: Abyss opens up on passing on the WWE and never wrestling The Undertaker

Abyss's response when offered a contract with WWE...
Abyss's probable response when offered a contract with WWE...

What's the story?

You don't often see performers call Impact Wrestling their home for their entire career. If it's not former WWE stars filling their roster, there's those that made their name there, only to move on. The latest Impact Hall of Fame member, Abyss, is one of the rare exceptions. He even had a chance to go to WWE at one point - and even feud with The Undertaker!

In case you didn't know...

After working the indies - including a stint in Puerto Rico - at the start of his career, Christopher Park began wrestling for the then-TNA Wrestling in 2002. It wasn't until a year later that he debuted his persona as "The Monster" Abyss. From there, he's won every major title in the company, worked with some of the biggest names in the business, and has become synonymous with the company itself.

However, that last status was nearly at risk. For, in 2006, Abyss received an offer from WWE - one that included a program with The Undertaker.

The heart of the matter

Obviously, in the end, Abyss resigned with Impact and has been there to this day. During a media call to promote his Hall of Fame induction, "The Monster" was asked if he ever regretted that decision.

"No," he replied, "I'm not going to say I wish it would have happened. If it would have happened, obviously it would have been a career highlight, no doubt, but it wasn't in the cards." (H/T: WrestlingInc.)

"I chose to stay with TNA," he continued, emphasizing his loyalty to the company that made him a star, "TNA was and is my home. Impact is my home...This company gave me a home...They gave me the platform to show the wrestling world and the fans what I can do."

During the rest of the call, Abyss reflected on his career, including his brutal Barbed Wire Massacre match with Sabu in 2006 and his TNA World Title win against Sting the following year.

What's next?

At 44 years old, conventional wisdom would have you believe that Abyss could be getting close to hanging up the mask. His induction into the Impact Hall of Fame at Bound For Glory in two weeks is certainly a milestone and another indication that he's not going anywhere.

But, hey, you never know.