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WWE News: Former WWE star Adam Rose cleared of all charges

Now that he has been cleared of all charges, will WWE call him back?

Adam Rose
Finally some good news for Adam Rose

As per the latest reports from TMZ, former WWE Superstar Adam Rose has been cleared of all domestic charges that were put against him.

Adam rose was arrested last month on the charges of misdemeanor domestic violence and felony tampering with a witness.Rose reportedly grabbed his wife Cassandra Leppan’ face during a heated argument and pulled her towards him. The reports say that when Cassandra tried calling 911, Adam ripped the phone away from her. 

Adam who was facing a suspension from WWE that time due to Wellness policy violation was suspended indefinitely following his arrest, before finally being released by WWE later that month. 

Although now the case has been closed after Rose's wife submitted documents to drop the case. His wife reportedly told the judge to go easy on Rose. She said that he did not hurt her in any way and that the situation was blown out of proportion. Rose's lawyer Maj Vasigh told TMZ the following -

“The charges were dropped in this case because, as both he and his wife have maintained from the beginning, Mr. Leppan was absolutely innocent. Mr. Leppan did not, nor would he ever hurt his wife or anyone else. Suspicion of domestic violence is a very serious matter, as it should be. Responding officers sometimes, even if unsure of what happened, make an arrest just to be on the safe side. 

That is what happened here; and after a careful look at totality of circumstances, the justice system came to the correct conclusion. Mr. and Mrs. Leppan both continue to be madly in love. And while no relationship is ever perfect, they are relieved that this very public personal experience is over.”

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