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WWE News: Adam Rose talks about retiring; battling drug addiction while in WWE

  • The time has now come for him to hang up his boots.
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:27 IST

Adam Rose
Adam Rose

What's the story?

Professional wrestling is a strenuous profession. The amount of stress that it puts on a human's body to take regular bumps is not easy. As a result, the time that a Superstar can wrestle a regular routine is limited - especially one with the strains of WWE.

Adam Rose might not have had the best run in WWE, but he does not blame the company for that. In fact, he feels that he parted with the company on good terms. In a recent interview with The Orlando Sentinel, Rose talked about his upcoming retirement match and the struggles of his last days in WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Adam Rose did not have the best time in WWE. His run in NXT was one of the better things that he achieved in the company. He spent most of his time on the main roster with a party gimmick, a gimmick that has since been handed over to No Way Jose.

During the gimmick, he was accompanied by 'Rose Buds', the most prominent one of which was dressed up as a rabbit.

He left the company in 2016 and while it appeared that WWE and Rose were hostile with each other, it appears that they left on good terms.

The heart of the matter

Speaking about retirement, Adam Rose revealed that he had chosen Bull Dempsey as his last opponent on purpose as he had a lot of respect for him.

"He was there for the birth of Adam Rose, and in a world where you make many acquaintances, he's one of the few true friends I've made in the wrestling business. It hasn't hit me yet that this is the end. I think I'll be more emotional when I'm in the ring and it actually happens. But it's time to go." - h/t: Wrestling Inc

Adam Rose said he was excited about the fact that WWE now had alternatives and positively talked about the rise of AEW. However, he admitted that during his last few days in WWE, he was self-sabotaging himself and he thanked WWE for helping him to get clean.

"I was an idiot at the end – a moron, a bumbling buffoon," Rose said. "I made mistake after mistake, a lot of them out of self-sabotage because I was so unhappy. I developed a drug addiction and just acted out in every way. The fact that WWE let me leave on what I consider good terms and helped me get clean is a miracle."

Thankfully, Rose is now clean as he gets ready for the last match of his wrestling career.

What's next?

Adam Rose's retirement match will take place at Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling event on Friday. We at Sportskeeda, wish Adam Rose all the best for his new retired life.

Published 14 Jun 2019, 16:39 IST
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