WWE News: Adam Rose teases WWE return

Is The Party coming back to WWE?

Former WWE star Adam Rose now wrestles in the Independent circuit under the name Aldo Rose, where his gimmick is a non-PG party. He was released many months ago upon his request after he had gotten into a lot of legal trouble and been getting bad press.

However, recently on twitter, Rose teased a return to WWE:

It would be interesting to see if he was brought back as quickly as he claims. He did leave upon his own request after all.

He said in a recent interview that while you can “never say never” in the business of pro wrestling, a WWE return soon would be very unlikely. But a tempting offer is all it takes. He has a family to look after, after all. However, former WWE stars generally are able to make a good living in the indies due to their name value.

The brand split has had a call for more people joining back to the WWE, and it wouldn’t be surprising for WWE to call Rose back once more, perhaps to be an enhancement talent on Raw or Smackdown Live.

He was basically an enhancement talent in his previous run anyhow but nevertheless, he is a great in-ring performer who can make his opponent look like a million bucks. His last run was with The Social Outcasts. He was notable for his gimmick in NXT as a mercenary named Leo Kruger.

It was quite a serious gimmick which perhaps could have gotten him far. The gimmick was scrapped because The Wyatts had just debuted on the main roster, and his gimmick was along those lines and they did not want him to be part of the family. So he had the option of either scrapping the gimmick or to get fired.

Aldo Rose has a great story to tell about his life and career, which you can listen to below in Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast which he was on recently:

Art Of Wrestling is a great podcast that is a platform for wrestlers to tell their stories and their journeys of wrestling. Rose grew up in hard times in South Africa and scratched and clawed his way up to make his name and build his brand.

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