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WWE News: Aiden English reveals 'real' WWE 2018 PPV calendar

Daniel Wood
3.61K   //    28 Nov 2017, 00:36 IST

Aiden English has corrected previous reports on the 2018 schedule for WWE pay-per-views
Aiden English has corrected previous reports on the 2018 schedule for WWE pay-per-views

What's the story?

Recently the WWE released their schedule for 2018's pay-per-views, and there were some surprises in there, 'Money in the Bank' is now dual-brand, becoming one of the 'big five' pay-per-views and 'Great Balls of Fire' is gone after only just arriving. But, it turns out these reports were actually false, as acclaimed bard Aiden English has revealed the 'real' 2018 PPV calendar and, you guessed it, it's Rusev

In case you didn't know...

Yes, fans of 'Great Balls of Fire' will be disappointed with next year's scheduled WWE pay-per-views as the iconic show of great proportions is now longer with us, instead we get the aforementioned RAW and SmackDown 'Money in the Bank' as well as fewer pay-per-view shows in general, here's the full (incorrect) schedule below!

Royal Rumble: January 28 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Elimination Chamber (Raw): February 25 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Fastlane (SmackDown): March 11 - Columbus, Ohio

WrestleMania 34: April 8 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Backlash (Raw): May 6 - Newark, New Jersey

Payback (SmackDown): May 27 - Baltimore, Maryland

Money in the Bank: June 17 - Rosemont, Illinois

Battleground (Raw): July 15 - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

SummerSlam: August 19 – Brooklyn, New York

Extreme Rules (Raw): September 16 – San Antonio, Texas

Hell in a Cell (SmackDown): September 30 – Nashville, Tennessee

Tables, Ladders and Chairs (Raw): October 21 – Boston, Massachusetts

Survivor Series: November 18 – Los Angeles, California

Clash of Champions (SmackDown): December 16 – San Jose, California

The heart of the matter

As you can see from Aiden English's 'real' PPV schedule, it seems the WWE has truly embraced the notion that every day is indeed Rusev Day, and why not, Rusev Day is one of the best days there is.

I particularly enjoy the idea of 'Rusev In The Bank' an extraordinary pay-per-view where the 'Bulgarian Brute' has to fight his way to the front of the line to make a deposit, or where the WWE Superstars have to climb a ladder to unhook Rusev and take him to local bank to set up an account

Sadly, 'The Drama King' Aiden English missed a few off of the list as well, such as #PayRusev, #ExtremeRusev, #TablesLaddersandRusev, #RusevChamber and #RusevofChampions. All shows I imagine will be announced shortly

What's next?

Currently the SmackDown roster is gearing up for it's next brand exclusive pay-per-view, the pre-Rusev named, Clash of Champions. But once that's out of the way, I fully expect all of the Superstars on the blue brand, including Aiden English and Rusev himself to start preparing for the Rusev Rumble.

Author's take

All of us here at Sportskeeda would like to apologise for misreporting the WWE 2018 pay-per-view schedule, we realise now that it's wrong to report on news from other wrestling sites and instead will stick to trusted sources like Aiden English, whom we'd like to thank for pointing out our error.

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