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WWE News: AJ Styles comments on his bag being stolen recently

'The Phenomenal One' clarified that he was not robbed at gunpoint.

According to Styles, the bag contained one of his most important things

What’s the story?

In a recent interview with Brian Fritz of Sporting News, WWE Champion AJ Styles threw light on the situation involving his stolen bag and if he has received any update about it.

In case you didn’t know…

The bag is believed to have been stolen while Styles was performing at a SmackDown live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The superstar reported the matter to the Arkansas State University Police and told them that the bag contained cash worth $1,000 in US Dollars and $7,000 in Japanese Yen. Among other items that got stolen were his iPhone, Beats headphones, a small screen TV, an Xbox 360 and six Xbox games.

The heart of the matter

When asked whether there was any update regarding the theft, ‘The Phenomenal One’ said that there was no information on it so he was thinking of announcing a reward for anyone in Jonesboro who could get hold of those who did it.

He also clarified that he wasn’t robbed but had actually left the bag which contained one of his most important possessions behind in an attempt to head back to the hotel after the event.

Here’s what the WWE Champion had to say about the incident:

“No, no. Nothing yet. I'm thinking about putting out a tweet out there, maybe I can give a little reward in Jonesboro, Arkansas for anyone that wants to turn the guys in. We'll see. I didn't get robbed, by the way. I had things stolen from me.

A lot of people are thinking I was robbed at gunpoint. I was not. It was something that was left. I was trying to get out the building as fast as I could because I wanted to get to the hotel, get to bed and for some reason, I forgot one of my most important items, my baby, if you will.”

What next?

The police authorities in Jonesboro haven’t yet come up with any information on the missing bag but AJ Styles will be hoping to hear some positive news even as he prepares to take on John Cena at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view tonight.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Keeping their fans happy is the primary motivation behind pro-wrestlers working hard day in and day out. However, incidents such as these end up leaving a sour taste in their mouths and may make them a little reluctant towards mixing around too much with fans.

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