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WWE News: AJ Styles reacts to WWE Championship Match announcement 

3.86K   //    03 Nov 2017, 11:22 IST

AJ Styles won't be messing around when he meets Jinder Mahal this SmackDown Live
AJ Styles won't be messing around when he meets Jinder Mahal this SmackDown Live

What's the story?

SmackDown Live Commissioner, Shane McMahon, took to Twitter to announce a WWE Championship match for the next episode of SmackDown Live. The match was set for Jinder Mahal to defend his championship against AJ Styles. The match was made to punish Mahal for his attack on AJ Styles on the last episode of SmackDown Live.

Previously Styles had been scheduled to fight against Rusev, but the new announcement changed the scenario quite a bit. AJ Styles took to Twitter to voice his opinion about the match and had a hard message for Jinder.

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In case you didn't know...

The last few weeks saw AJ and Jinder engage in the beginnings of a feud. AJ interrupted Jinder in the ring when 'The Modern Day Maharaja' said he had beaten everyone worth beating in SmackDown. Jinder had to beat a hasty retreat in that episode, but the following two weeks saw AJ in matches against Sunil and Samir Singh.

After AJ defeated Samir on the last episode of SmackDown Live, he was blindsided by Jinder. Jinder and The Singh Brothers attacked him and left him lying in the ring after a vicious beatdown.

The heart of the matter

AJ's message to Jinder was simple and direct. He told Jinder that they had both gotten what they wanted, as Jinder had wanted to face AJ, while AJ had wanted the Championship. He said that the only reason Mahal had won the title was due to the help of The Singh Brothers, referring to them as 'dingleberries'.

He said he was going to kick Jinder's 'a**' on the next episode of SmackDown Live. Styles made his intentions very clear as he said that he would take everything from Jinder in that one match.

"It's you and I Jinder, one on one. I'm taking everything from you. I'm taking your legacy and I'm taking your Championship."

AJ finished off on another note, which might be of interest to Paul Heyman as Brock Lesnar, as he said that he intended to face Brock and beat him as well.

"I'm gonna do something you never could've done at Survivor Series. I'm gonna beat Brock Lesnar."

What's next?

Jinder Mahal is set to defend his WWE title next week against AJ Style on SmackDown Live.

Author's take

Sudden changes in the WWE's plans are nothing new, as Vince McMahon is famous for them. What this could mean though, is that there will be some sort of drastic shift in the Title scene. For whatever reason, AJ could become the WWE Champion next week.

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