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WWE News: AJ Styles reveals details of his TLC wardrobe malfunction on Instagram

Styles walked out of the match with the WWE World Championship still in his grasp.

AJ Styles enthralled the fans in the arena at TLC with his athleticism

AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose put together a spectacle to behold, in their ‘Tables, Ladders and Chairs’ match at the SmackDown Live exclusive pay-per-view, TLC. In what turned out to be one of the best contests of the year, both men risked it all to give the WWE Universe plenty to cheer about.

However, something that many people may not know is the fact that Styles suffered a small, yet noticeable, wardrobe malfunction, during his intense battle with Ambrose. At a certain stage in the match, the WWE World Champion’s pants tore a little from behind and some part of his backside was revealed.

‘The Phenomenal One’, though, saw the funny side of the incident and posted an image of his torn pants on his Instagram account. The caption that Styles gave for the image stated, “As you can see by the seam, you all were in no danger of seeing my b***h*le.”

As you can see by the seam, you all were in no danger of seeing my butthole.

A photo posted by AJ Styles (@ajstylesp1) on

Quite a few fans on Twitter also expressed their curiosity about the Superstar’s embarrassing moment. Styles managed to take out time, to explain to them what exactly happened by tweeting, “It was not a malfunction. My gear and butt cheek were sliced by a bent-up chair.”

Meanwhile, the match between AJ Styles and ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ had much more to offer than the former’s wardrobe malfunction. It was a topsy-turvy battle for almost the entire duration of the contest, with both men attempting to put the other down and climb the ladder to retrieve the title belt but failing.

The turning point of the match, came about when James Ellsworth decided to walk down to the ringside area. This prompted Styles to step down from the ring to deliver a ‘Styles Clash’ to SmackDown Live’s newest Superstar.

However, Ambrose made the save yet again, by delivering a ‘Dirty Deeds’ to AJ Styles and set up a ladder in the middle of the ring, to get his hands on the title belt. In a shocking turn of events, Ellsworth entered the ring and pushed the ladder that Dean was using, causing the latter to crash through a couple of tables lying outside the ring.

‘The Champ That Runs The Camp’ took full advantage of the situation and climbed up the ladder to retain his WWE World Championship, much to the delight of James Ellsworth. Although Ambrose did have his revenge on Ellsworth, as he hit him with Dirty Deeds on the following episode of SmackDown Live, the latter cost ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ a chance to become the Intercontinental Champion later in the night.

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