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WWE News: AJ Styles reveals what he wants to do after wrestling

The Phenomenal one weighs in on where he plans to head after his in-ring career is done.

The WWE World Champion may not be fully done with WWE even after wrestling

AJ Styles finally debuted in WWE this year at the Royal Rumble and became WWE World Champion in quick time. It was said that in the beginning, Styles was expected to be nothing more than a mid-carder who would get occasional pushes, but Styles proved what a great performer he was, ranking among stars with the highest selling merchandise and getting some of the best reactions in the whole roster very early on.

In an interview with thehardcoregamer.com, Styles answered an interesting question about his future:

The Hardcore Gamer: Talk about a guy who has turned his wrestling life and used it to help others – do you have any aspirations to help others after wrestling?

AJ Styles: I enjoy putting together matches – maybe it’ll be down at the Performance Center. I definitely want to stay in WWE and I see as many great kids down there.

It is well known that AJ Styles is 39-years-old which is not exactly the definition of young. He may have a handful of years remaining in his career at best, but the fact is, those who have followed AJ Styles for years are well aware that he has adjusted and adapted his wrestling style and level according to his age. This is the reason he hasn’t suffered extensive injuries, even though he has a high flying style. Even so, he is still arguably the best pro wrestler on the planet.

Styles would be a perfect fit for a mentoring role in the Performance Center. He has 18 years of experience so far, and it will likely have crossed 20 by the time he finishes his WWE career. AJ Styles has adapted so well to that WWE despite many of the belief that he would not fit Vince McMahon’s mould of a WWE superstar.

Styles was not the best of talkers either when he came into WWE. However, over the course of 9 months, he has gradually become one of the best talkers in the company. He especially began to excel on the mic after turning heel. In the 2K17 party before Summerslam, Styles mentioned himself that he only came to know how important the ability to talk is to WWE once he came there. 

The fact that AJ Styles has gone from being uncertain about ever joining WWE to actually looking at his post-retirement with the company says a lot about how he is viewed in the company and how he feels about it. His future can only go upwards, and he will most likely end up doing the best work of his career in WWE.

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