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WWE News: Alexa Bliss on how the WWE women's division has changed, becoming the champion and more

The Five Feet Of Fury spoke about her family's initial hesitation in allowing her to become a wrestler.

Bliss has made rapid progress in the SmackDown Live women’s division

In a recent interview with The Oakland Press, SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss spoke about how the restrictions that plagued the WWE women’s division have been done away with. She also revealed how it felt to become the champion and discussed her family’s reaction when she had told them about wanting to try out for wrestling.

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Bliss beat Becky Lynch in a ‘Tables’ match at the TLC pay-per-view earlier this month to lay hands on her first ever title in the WWE. According to her, it was an incredible experience as her parents were watching her live for the first time and she ended up being the champion.

Here’s what ‘The Wicked Witch Of The WWE’ said about her victory:

“It was amazing! My parents were there. It was their first WWE event, so that was so cool to be able to have the opportunity to win a title with my family there. It was such an amazing moment, especially in this whole era of women empowering and making history.”

During the conversation, Alexa spoke about the women’s division undergoing a sea change since the time when she first came into the WWE. In her opinion, all the restrictions that prevented them from competing with their male counterparts have been removed and they can now do pretty much what they want. The SmackDown Women’s Champion said:

“I think it’s an amazing time right now for the WWE’s women’s division. We’re really stepping up the game and showing the women’s revolution and what women can do. I remember even when I started with WWE, it was a different ball game. There were all these restrictions and things we couldn’t do, and now, it’s really empowering to know we can do anything that we want and what the guys can do. It gives women the opportunity to show why we’re more than divas and why we’re WWE superstars.”

Alexa Bliss also disclosed how her family initially showed reluctance towards her decision of wanting to become a WWE superstar. This was because they had an impression that only big and muscular women like the late Chyna could make it through in the company.

However, Bliss is happy that she was able to find her way into the business despite their reservations. This is what she had to say about it:

“My family had watched wrestling ever since I was young, but my mom was really surprised when I said I wanted to try out for wrestling. Her first instinct was, “No, you’re not, because they have women like (late female professional wrestler) Chyna!’ She is muscular and big and powerful, which is great, but I guess I was definitely not the pick of the family to become a WWE superstar, but I’m really glad I did!”

About her immediate plans going forward in the WWE, the ‘Five Feet Of Fury’ said that she intended to show everyone why she was the champion and prove that this is her era.

“I plan on showing everybody why I’m the SmackDown Women’s Champion. I’ve said it since the day I got here. This is my era, and I’m really excited to show that, and it’s going to be an amazing time,” Alexa Bliss told The Oakland Press.

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