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WWE News: Dean Ambrose makes his bid to run SmackDown

4.06K   //    02 Jun 2016, 17:38 IST
What if SmackDown became the Ambrose’s Asylum?

The Brand Split had been making waves in the wrestling community. Almost all of the WWE Superstars have something to say on that topic. Knowing Deam Ambrose, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his views on Brand Split are different than others. While other Superstars talked about which brand they would like to be drafted in, Dean Ambrose went to the highest price itself.

In a recent interview, Dean revealed that he had asked Vince McMahon whether he could run SmackDown. But, it looks like Vince McMahon shot down that idea. Dean even went as far as to say that Vince McMahon would get Tuesdays off if he is allowed to run it, but he was unlucky with persuading Vince on that idea.

Having Dean Ambrose run SmackDown would be very similar to the good old times of Stone Cold running Raw. It would be unpredictable, chaotic and absolutely fun. Though the idea is a longshot possibility, it has merit. Dean Ambrose’s crazy management of the blue brand will just might be the key to bring up the blue brand to the top. Let’s hope Vince thinks long and hard about this.

On a relatively minor note, Dean also commented on his Shield brothers tearing each other up in the main event of MITB. When asked if there is a possibility of him cashing in if he wins the MITB briefcase, he said that there is a chance of that. Reigns and Rollins better watch out for Ambrose if he wins the MITB. 

Watch Dean’s interview below.

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