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WWE News: Asuka breaks CM Punk's record

The Empress of Tomorrow has broken CM Punk's record of 434 days as champion.

Asuka surpasses CM Punk

What’s the story?

WWE NXT star Asuka has now broken CM Punk’s record of holding a WWE title for the most number of days – with Punk’s reign at 434 days.

The NXT Women’s Champion has now surpassed Punk’s reign of 434 days, with the next WWE title reign record to beat being The New Day’s reign as the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history at 483 days.

In case you didn’t know...

Asuka, whose real name is Kanako Urai, is widely regarded as one of the best female professional wrestlers of all time.

The 35-year-old who made her debut in the sport of professional wrestling back in 2004, has wrestled in several promotions across the world and made her WWE debut in NXT in 2015.

The heart of the matter

Asuka won the NXT Women’s Championship by defeating Bayley on April 1st, 2016 and has defended her title on multiple occasions ever since.

The Japanese Superstar is considered as one of the best performers on the WWE roster – male or female – and there has been widespread speculation that the promotion is likely going to issue her a main roster call-up very soon.

Additionally, with the fact that WWE booked her to break Punk’s legendary title reign as WWE Champion, all signs point to a potential main roster spot for Asuka in the near future.

What’s next?

Asuka recently defended her NXT Women’s Championship against Ruby Riot at NXT Download, in a match that saw a significant amount of bloodshed after the former botched a move leading to Riot getting a huge gash on her forehead.

Asuka presently performs on NXT and continues to take on any and every wrestler in the NXT Women’s division.

Author’s take

Asuka is the hottest thing, the greatest act and the best performer bar none in NXT today.

In my opinion, the WWE is seriously missing out by having her wrestle on NXT rather than utilising the professional wrestling savant on either Monday Night RAW or SmackDown Live.

Truth be told, as of today, the SmackDown Women’s division is struggling to stay afloat and the WWE should most definitely book Asuka and insert her right into the title picture on the WWE’s blue brand. 

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