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WWE News: Backstage news on current Bo Dallas push

Will the Chinese audience Bo-Lieve?

Bo Dallas was with the Social Outcasts for the majority of 2016

Bo Dallas formed the Social Outcasts with Adam Rose, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel, a faction which consisted of four talents that were hopelessly lost in the lower mid-card. From the get-go, the future and potential of the Social Outcasts seemed very bleak, yet, they stuck together till the WWE Draft. They never really ascended beyond a comedy heel jobber faction.

The group was all split up eventually. First, Adam Rose suspended the Wellness Policy, and after lots of personal trouble as well had requested a release from WWE, which he got. During the draft, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel were drafted to Raw, with Axel even being slapped the term “Mr. Irrelevant”. Heath Slater was not drafted to any brands and got a “Free Agent” gimmick – something that has done wonders for him.

Slater’s story of being a free agent helped him to be the breakout star of the Social Outcasts, and the storyline has also helped him get over with the WWE Universe tremendously. Even though Slater is a free agent, and has appeared on Raw a few times, his story has been featured a lot more on Smackdown Live, where he has teamed with Rhyno and will be facing either The Usos or The Hype Bros at Backlash to be crowned Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Bo Dallas, a couple of weeks back at Mexico, was arrested at the airport for being drunk and disorderly. When he appeared in the latest edition of Raw, people thought he would be punished, but instead, he came out, a  lot more serious, with a new gimmick, and a placard saying “Bo-Lieve in Bo” and squashed a local enhancement talent. Many wondered why Bo would suddenly be given such a push when all he has done is lost matches. 

According to CageSide Seats, this push won’t last for very long. When WWE goes to China shortly, they will be going to Shanghai as well, where the hometown boy, and WWE’s latest Chinese acquisition, Bin Wang, will be facing Bo Dallas. They gave Bo the win to make him seem like a credible competitor when showing the Chinese audience, who is very new to the WWE product. So, when the hometown hero conquers Bo Dallas, it will make it look like it is against a legitimate opponent. 

Bin Wang is clearly part of WWE’s plan to expand into the Chinese market.

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