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WWE News: Batista comments on CM Punk's WWE exit

7.36K   //    23 Nov 2017, 18:15 IST

Batista doesn't know why fans still love CM Punk

What's the story?

In a recent conversation with Jim Ross on the latter's podcast The Ross Report, Batista talked about CM Punk and the latter's exit from WWE.

He stated that despite all his love for The Straight Edge Superstar, he doesn't appreciate the way he left WWE and cannot understand why the fans still glorify that decision.

In case you didn't know...

CM Punk had an incredible run in WWE. He was hailed as the "Best in the World" by the WWE Universe and was everyone's favourite.

While the fans were busy glorifying Punk as the hero, his time in WWE was coming to a bitter end. In 2014, his contract was terminated by the WWE one day before his wedding.

Later in Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, he revealed that he was not happy with the direction in which his character was being pushed. Hence, he did not agree with the Authorities and that led to him being fired.

The heart of the matter

In this interview, Batista said that he is very fond of CM Punk. However, he doesn't appreciate the manner in which Punk decided to leave.

Moreover, he stated that the fact that Punk is loved and martyred by the fans to such great extent confuses him even more. He argued that it was Punk who deserted the fans.

Hence, he believes that bestowing so much love on someone who 'left' the wrestling buffs all across the world is beyond his understanding.

What's next?

CM Punk stated that he will never return to wrestling which eliminates all hopes of witnessing "The Voice of Voiceless" exchanging blows in the squared circle again. Batista, on the other hand, is keen on returning to ring but has a condition. He will make a comeback only if he is booked for house shows and not one-offs.


Currently, Batista is busy with Hollywood. In his next Marvel movie - Avengers: Infinity War (releasing in 2018), he will play the role of Drax from the comic's Cinematic Universe. As for his WWE return, there have been no assuring words from either of the parties.

Author's take

It's true that WWE does not grant the desired bookings. It then remains in the hands of the wrestlers and they decide if they want to go ahead with the same. Some reluctantly abide by the storyline while others choose to part ways.

Batista was immensely popular amongst the fans. However, his first exit from WWE was also due to his dislike towards the direction in which the company was advancing. Even during his second run with the WWE, he didn't like the way in which he was being booked with Dolph Ziggler which demotivated him.

Of course, the booing unhappy fans at Royal Rumble (2014) were also a reason but I will acknowledge it just as Batista didn't. After having stated his conditions, it remains uncertain if he will return. However, if he does he would hope that this time he isn't booed on his way out of the arena.

As far as the love of fans towards CM Punk is concerned, it chronicles the greatness he displayed in the ring.

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