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WWE News: Batista delivers an epic response to a fan's dream match

The possibility of this match actually taking place is as much as the chances of CM Punk returning to the WWE

That match has the star power to make it epic for sure

Often, WWE fans have dream matches. While some are potentially possible, some are even mouth watering. The drawback of it is some insane match ideas which are actually cool on paper, don’t really work in reality. Batista gave an epic response to one such daydreaming fan during Christmas.

Former WWE Champions Batista and The Rock are two of WWE’s biggest crossover stars. Both Batista and The Rock have used their star status in WWE to crossover to Hollywood. However, The Rock had more success when compared to Batista though.

Their iconic status has been one of the things that drew ratings whenever they appear in WWE programming. As WrestleMania season is near, one over-enthusiastic fan had one crazy match idea for Batista this week right before Christmas. Here’s what he tweeted to Batista.

Though we can admit that it would be a very cool idea if it indeed happens, the probability of this match happening is highly improbable. We may get one of these stars on the show, hell, we may even get two of the above stars on a WrestleMania show. But, having all three of them is something even WWE would not want to afford.

Batista saw through the matter clearly and gave an epic response in return. Here’s what he had to say.

Though it would be epic to see such a match, reality is a cruel mistress. However, one must always remember there is one simple rule in pro-wrestling. NEVER SAY NEVER! 

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