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WWE News: Batista discusses what conditions he would need to make a WWE return

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Would he
Will he ever make a full WWE return?

What's the story?

It's been awhile since the WWE Universe said goodbye to Batista. His last run didn't really end the way he thought it would because the Yes Movement got in the way, but it was still great to have him back.

He's stayed plenty busy busting Hollywood and the rest of the galaxy wide open during his time away from the WWE ring. He recently opened up during a conversation with Jim Ross' Ross Report where he discussed what conditions he would need to come back to the WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Batista had an amazing run with WWE and was part of several memorable storylines and matches. He had the torch handed to him by Triple H and ran with the heavy ball of being WWE's top guy for a good while. But Hollywood interest and nagging injuries caused him to hang up his boots only seeing one short return around WrestleMania XXX.

The heart of the matter

Batista spoke quite candidly to Jim Ross where he discussed the possibility of him making a return to WWE. The Animal said he still loves pro wrestling and never burned any bridges with WWE, although he does have some gripes with the way they do business.

The current Drax The Destroyer said he would love to come back to WWE but he doesn't just want to do a "one-off" performance. His goal would be to return for a full-fledged run complete with house show dates. However, his current Hollywood schedule does create some conflicts with making it work.

He also doesn't want to get injured as that could really throw a monkey wrench in a movie's production schedule. Batista said it took him three months to get back in the groove of things when he came back during his last run, therefore ring rust is a very real thing. He doesn't like cheap pops either and is quite turned off by them.

Batista did say if he came back he would want a program with Triple H because working with the WWE COO would be able to help hide The Animal's ring rust his weaknesses.

What's next?

Batista is in no way done with Hollywood and by the way he keeps getting impressive acting roles and the Guardian Of The Galaxy is expanding it doesn't look like Hollywood is going to be finished with Batista anytime soon. But there's always the possibility that the WWE Universe might be seeing his return sooner or later, at least for an eventual WWE Hall Of Fame induction.

Author's take

Batista was one of my favourite pro wrestlers during his run with Evolution and even when he broke off to do his own thing. He is widely respected and has worked very hard to achieve all the success he is currently enjoying.

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