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WWE News: Bayley explains why she rushed to the back after beating Charlotte Flair, calls out new challengers

17 Sep 2019, 02:32 IST

Dark Bayley starts to emerge
Dark Bayley starts to emerge

Even though Bayley has had her problems in the past with rival Charlotte Flair, she picked up a big win over the Queen at Clash of Champions. After her victory, Bayley quickly grabbed her title and rushed to the back. So just why did the Hugger proceed in this fashion following her successful title defense? With a tweet earlier on Monday, she claimed that she left a hair-straightener on backstage.

The Hugger stamps out the Queen

Prior to their match at Clash of Champions, it seemed like only a matter of time before Flair would once again become SmackDown Women's Champion. She's one of the top female Superstars in the company and has been featured on promotional material for the show instead of Bayley.

While Bayley has still tried to remain a "role model" for the children of the world, she has also been teasing a slow turn to the dark side as her friend, Sasha Banks, has returned to active competition. It continued at Clash of Champions, as Bayley pushed Flair's head into an exposed turnbuckle in order to claim victory over the Queen. Perhaps a change in her look will eventually help sell her full-blown heel turn, but for now, her hairstyle will remain the same.

Looking for new challenges

While Bayley explained her sprint to the back, she also thanked Flair for a tough match. Bayley then continued to call out some different challengers for her title. Among the names were Carmella, Zelina Vega, and the blue-tongued Liv Morgan.

This could be a part of Bayley's slow turn, looking for someone else to fight. She could also be picking off some low-hanging fruit, as Zelina Vega doesn't compete that often, Carmella has been more of a passenger in R-Truth's 24/7 title shenanigans, and Morgan has come and gone quicker than Bayley ran to the back.

Morgan was featured in the Town Hall segment a few months ago but lost a match to Flair. After the match, she teased that she would be changing things up. Will that eventually lead to a program with Bayley?

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