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WWE News: Bayley on breaking down after her main roster debut, Dusty Rhodes and more

Bayley spoke about the advice she got from 'The American Dream' regarding her ponytail.

Bayley received a heartwarming response on her main roster debut

In a recent interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, WWE superstar Bayley talked a number of things including how she broke down after making her main roster debut, the advice she received from the late Dusty Rhodes regarding her ponytail and what she finds different between being in NXT and joining the main roster.

The former NXT Women’s champion made her maiden main roster appearance at the Battleground pay-per-view in July this year when she partnered Sasha Banks in a tag match against Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke. She spoke about how she had kept her emotions in check throughout the day thinking that it was not her official debut.

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However, Bayley claimed that she was taken by surprise by the way the crowd erupted when she came out. When she returned to her hotel room, she closed the door and broke down out of disbelief at what had happened.

Here’s what ‘The Huggable One’ had to say:

“It was incredible. I was trying to keep it cool the whole day. Because it wasn't my official debut I feel like I held in my emotions a lot as I thought this doesn't mean anything really, so I'm just going to have fun with it and enjoy it. I thought it was ok and I said thank you for letting me do this, that was incredible. I was so surprised by how excited the crowd was that it was me. I thought it was fun. Then I got to my hotel room and as soon as I closed the door I broke down and was like what just happened?”

When asked what she thought about the legendary Dusty Rhodes, Bayley praised him for believing in everyone and having the ability to recognise the one special thing that stood out about an individual, which even he or she did not realise. She said:

“He believed in everybody and he always caught that one special thing about somebody, even if they didn't know what that was. He would just find the little things that about people that were so special.”

Bayley went on to narrate an incident involving her and Rhodes which proved this great quality of his. In one of her early matches at NXT against Alicia Fox, she got rid of her her ponytail and left her hair open because she did not want to look like a fool on TV. But as she headed backstage after the match, ‘The American Dream’ caught up with her and told her that the ponytail was her trademark so she should maintain it. This is what she said:

“When I first started my character in my first match with Alicia Fox, I walked out with my hair I a ponytail and as soon as I got into the ring I took the ponytail out and let my hair down, because I knew it would get messed up and I didn't want to look ridiculous on TV. When I came back through the curtain Dusty was the first one to stop me and he said, 'why did you take your hair down?' I said because it's going to get messed up and I didn't think WWE would like a girl with a ponytail. He said, 'no. That is your trademark. That is your thing. That's what makes you stand out.' And now little girls love to put their hair up in a side ponytail and it's like a little trademark.”

On how being on the main roster has been different from her days at NXT, she explained that there was a lot of hard work involved in the 4 years that she spent at NXT. However, she is now reaping the dividends for as she gets to travel to different cities every night and make new friends since joining the main roster.

“It's tough but it's all worth it. It's been a long road for me coming from NXT. I've been with NXT for almost four years, and just getting to WWE and now being able to travel with them; I kind of have to make new friends and get hotel rooms, and travel in different cities every single night. It's very different, but it's so much fun. All the hard work that I had with NXT has prepared me for this,” said Bayley.

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